Truphone saves the day (again)

As I mentioned in a previous post we’ve been away on vacation down in Devon. The Holiday cottages are great and what’s better there isn’t any mobile coverage. But with Truphone that’s not a problem. I dropped Truphone back onto my N95 just before leaving and I was able to get connected to the wi-fi at the holiday cottages and dial into my voicemail and check for any messages.

So Truphone saves the day and keeps us contactable by phone whilst everyone else is out of coverage and the thing I like most about it is that its using your phone to make the call, rather than your PC.

I wish I could choose a better number with Truphone something a bit more memorable and I’d consider jumping across to it full time.

4 thoughts on “Truphone saves the day (again)

  1. Why don’t you give a RING (email) and ask for a better number. I did the same and BINGO, as a good truphone customer I ended up with a beautiful truphone mobile number which I have turned into my main NUMBER. All other SIM’s if UK, German, US, Chinese, French, South African, etc will all forward to my truphone number, BINGO I am reachable anywhere in the world under TRUPHONE. It has helped me numerous times to SAVE the DAY and the big big Bill day has never come again. Thanks to truphone.

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  3. Nice blog post. Sounds like you’ve found a phone service that works for you, but if you’re interested in trying out different phone services, check out (no software needed). Take care.

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