Nokia N800 is fantastic in the car

We’ve just come back from vacation down in Devon and this year we decide to up the distance we’d drive to a good beach to about an hour. As a result we’d start the day pretty early and head off to the beach as soon as possible which usually meant around 9.30am-ish. This meant that we’d have a fair chunk of time each day stuck in the car driving backwards and forwards to the best beaches we could find. The first day we placed the intro game with the ipod and the FM transmitter, guess the artist and song as quickly as possible, 2 secs was my record btw. The second day I decided to drop the Nokia N800 into the storage box in the front of the car and leave it syncing rss feeds tethered to my N95 whilst we drove around in areas with coverage. There isn’t any mobile phone coverage at the cottages which is great so contact with the outside world was done whilst out and about except for wi-fi in the cottage and that’s another post.

Whilst driving we wondered what the weather was going to be like for the next few days, so my wife pulled out the N800, which was tethered to the N95 and looked up and checked out the weather. We then wondered where the exact location of the nearest farm shop was so it was googled and the postcode entered into the satnav. Over the next few days the N800 lived in the car and whenever we where driving for a while my wife would fire it up and either checkout the weather or check her email or just surf around to find bits of information. This was a bout of a revelation for us that you could have simple and reliable access to the Internet whilst travelling around in there car as the N800 is some much more friendly to use on the go so to speak than a laptop.


The N800 came into it’s own on Sunday as well, we left the St Pierre Hotel at 12noon heading back to my mum’s when my brother texted me the time and location of the pub were we’d agreed to met for sunday lunch. But he’d only entered pretty basic location information and having not lived in Cardiff for more than 10 years I couldn’t remember where it was, so once again, the N800 was pulled out of the arm rest and fired up as we drove down the hotel drive way. The pub was located and the postcode entered into the satnav before we’d reached the hotel gates.

From now on the N800 is the bit of kit that’s thrown into the front of the car on long car journey’s and I’m going to look into the Nokia FM transmitters too, and the N800 may become the web and entertainment device for long journeys.

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