Buying an iPhone is good for Nokia

OK, trust me with this one, there’s an argument here, if a little weak, but there’s one; I have several pals who can be described as Normobs, they have a mobile phone, it’s used for calls and SMS and that’s it. One of my pals though who’s a Normob (we’ll call him Norm) has decided he want’s an iPhone. Now I’ve never managed to persuade him to take the plunge with any of the Nokia devices I flashed in front of him and there’s been a fair few. But he’s decided the iPhone is for him as he can get his music on there and use it as a phone and surf the web too.

Now that’s great for Nokia in the long run as Norm has taken his first steps into smartphone land with the iPhone, he’s realized that he needs his phone to do a little more than just voice and text. Now what I’m thinking here is what a lot of people will do is take those first steps into smart phone land and realize that they can do so much more with a smart phone than they imagined and that they’ll hit the limits of the Phone but not of their smartphone curiosity and step up (ahem) to a Nokia smartphone.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw that into the Nokia iPhone debate that’s raging right now, it’s a very weak argument, but I’m sure there will be a handful of people that will enjoy the first moments of smartphone ownership and take the plunge with a more powerful and open device as a result.

Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger


A Proporta Mobile Device Charger is now in the post on it’s way to me. I took Jonathan’s advice that it’s the best accessory ever. I did go and check out the Solar chargers but all the comments on them seem to indicate they were pretty poor, so I’ve decided to leave well alone for the time being.

My Green Nokia charger so far has been a bit hit and miss, it charges the E71 and the N800 no problem, but it won’t work with the N95 which is a bit of a downer.

Another new role at Orange!

It’s only been a few months since the last time I mentioned that I’d got a new role within Orange Business, but it’s all change again, I’ve moved Managers and become the Manager of a new group, Telecoms Integrated Operators.

The Sourcing department of Orange Business Services (OBS) has created a new Telecom Integrated Operators Group for Europe or TIO as it’s known. It’s role is to look after telecoms sourcing within the countries where there’s both a Orange Business Network and an Orange Mobile Network, so countries like, UK, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland etc. I’ve got a team of  managers across Europe reporting to me, which is great, so I’ll be polishing up my management skills again as well as learning the ins and outs of various new telecoms markets such as Poland which is very exciting and a great challenge.

So I’ve been with OBS now for 1 year and this is my 3rd role, so things move fast here!

E71 doesn’t do Blackberry connect?

I’ve not had time to check this out and I don’t have a Blackberry service, but a reader contacted me about the imap idle on the E71 and E66. I reponded with the facts that imap idle works great on both the E66 and E71 and that I’d ditched my hosted exchange account as the proper push email works great.

The reader then responded with the following email and I’ll a little shocked that it hadn’t been picked up before as well;

I’ve bought E71 on Friday and then sold it Monday because I couldn’t install Blackberry Connect app…a big drawback for the new E-series and nobody blogs about it:-(((. Good one, Nokia! Is is so hard to beat the Bold (Blackberry) with its own guns? BTW, Nokia’s own email beta app sucks big time.

So if you know anymore about Blackberry connect on the new E71 and E66 drop us a line. I also like the parting comment at the end of the email above, "Nokia’s own email beta app sucks big time"…I confess I haven’t tried it as as I’ve no need to a proper implementation of imap idle is all that’s needed.

Gadgets and kit for vacation

I mentioned in an earlier post that our vacation was fast approaching and that I was clearing off memory cards ready. I’ve made an effort to fit all the kit into one bag this year and make it easier on me to remember kit and transport it, it’s a Lowe pro Stealth Reporter camera bag.

I apologize for the ghostly photo above, it’s the glare off the cover, anyway, you can see the kit laid out ready to go.

1. LowePro Stealth reporter
2. Canon 400D DSLR
3. Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.
4. Letherman
5. Swiss Army credit card,
6. I-Go slim bluetooth keyboard,
7. Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.
8. Jawbone Bluetooth headset.
9. Nokia TV-out cable,
10, 8GB’s of CF memory cards.
11, space pen
12. Moleskine note pad (small) (under keyboard)
13. two spare Canon 400D batteries.

and what’s out of shot, or taking the shot, my trusty Nokia N95 (with 8GB card) and 2 spare batteries for it and a charger of course, along with my iPod (30GB) that’s in the special iPod dock in the glove box ready to roll. I’m key to try out a solar charger too, so will check them out prior to the trip and maybe pick one up, we’ll see.

What’s not going, is my laptop, so the pics of the CF cards will have to wait till we get back and be photo shopped before being uploaded. So that’s another what’s in my bag photo, this time it’s what’s in my bag for vacation. Sad thing is, we’re not going for another 2 weeks!

Wiping memory cards

Our vacation is fast approaching so it’s time to get the kit sorted out ready. I’m currently wiping all the CF memory cards for my Canon 400D, that’s 2 x 2GB and 1 x 4GB cards, which is plenty even shooting in RAW for me. We’ve got a wedding down in Cardiff straight after our vacation, so I’ll save one of the 2GB CF cards for that.

There’s one micro SD card that I’m not wiping, in fact I’m trying to cram as much onto as possible, I bought an 8GB micro SDHC card a while back for my N95. So I’m using double twist to strip out the DRM from my iTunes purchased tracks and convert them to MP3’s so I can drop onto the card.

new iPhone sometimes doesn’t last a working day – walt mossberg

Just been watching the iPhone news hit the web and walt’s video is here and in the video he mentions that on several occasions his iPhone didn’t even last a full working day. So it sounds like the 3G has impacted the battery life considerably then if it can’t even last a full working day.

I’ve been depressed by the battery on the N95, and have been looking forward to technology catching back up with battery life to where it was prior to GPS and video etc. So to go backwards again to an iPhone where the battery doesn’t even last a day, is just something I can’t bring myself to do.

The iPhone app store

Just had a look as I was opening iTunes, and it looks pretty rubbish really. There’s about 6 weather apps, so I’m guessing that out of the 500 apps in the app store, there aren’t that many actual unique apps.

Give it time I guess and the developers will build the apps. Me, I’m enjoying the E71, it’s battery life is awesome.

Exclusive: E71 key short cuts inc bluetooth key

messing about with the keys on the E71 and holding down the * key and it turns on and off bluetooth. Holding down the 0 key and the bookmarks appear as does when holding down the return key.

I haven’t read this anywhere else so I’m hoping that I’ve got a scoop!

I’ll go check what happens on the E61i just to check I’m not two years late..nope the E61i doesn’t do it.