Strange message beeps during calls

I’ve been using my E61i again for business and it’s been acting up today, probably because it’s been consigned to the drawer for two weeks whilst I’ve been using the E71. I’m not a huge fan of call waiting, as I’d rather deal with the call in hand quicker and then deal with the next item, a sort of refusal to ‘touch’ things twice.

Anyway, call waiting isn’t on, so therefore I don’t expect to hear beeps whilst on a call, unless, it s voicemail being left or an sms arriving. But today I’ve had a couple of the message arriving beeps during a call, only for me to check when the call has ended for the message to find nothing there, so it’s a bit of a phantom alert. I’ve no idea what’s going on, but if it continues, the device will get a hard reset *#7370# to wipe it clean and start again, it’s a tad annoying to say the least.

E71 Catch up

I haven’t mentioned it for a while, but I’ve still got an E71 from WOM world and it’s by far the best business phone out there. I use an E61i for business and the E71 knocks it for six. There are several reasons why the E71 is better, but take my word for it, it is better by a long way.

I wish I could keep it and use it as my business phone as the battery lasts longer than the E61i as well. I’ve managed 4 days with still some juice left when only using the E71 for voice and texts. It lasted for two days solid no problems with Mail for exchange and Jaiku S60 client running both with permanent Internet connections from 7am till 11pm, so the battery is pretty awesome

Could I use the E71 as my personal phone, no, I don’t think I could, for me my personal phone, should be a phone first and then a camera. The E71 is a communications device first and a phone second and a camera third. Don’t get me wrong the E71 is an amazing device, but it’s got the E-Series moniker for a reason, it’s a business device first and foremost.

There are a few things I’d like to see flow into other firmware versions, not just the E-Series and they are, in no order, the bluetooth key, holding down * is great, the new type and contacts appear on the screen functionality of the E71 and E66, and the better calendar and the better implementation of imap idle. What they can keep is the icon’s I didn’t mind them at first, but I grew to dislike them more recently, a very minor point of more to do with my taste that functionality or design.

The E71 will have to get packed up soon and I’ll miss it as the E61i will come back into service and I’ve noticed how slow that device is now, nevermind, maybe a reset and a fresh new BP-4L will give it a new lease of life!

Rebtel is amazing

I’ve been using various VOIP solutions over the years to try and cut the cost of calling my dad who lives in Spain. I’ve used Jajah, Skype, Truphone and now Rebtel. Rebtel is different to Jajah, Skype and Truphone in that it provides you with a local (International) number the other end to save the other person money calling you.

So how does this work for me, I register my mobile number with Rebtel and they provide me with a fairly local National number to call (I get a huge bundle of free national rate calls), they then also provide a, in my case, Spanish number for my Dad to call which routes back to my mobile.

So for me, it cost my just a few pence with Rebtel for the interconnect and Spanish local leg out. So I just call the 0151 number and it starts ringing in Spain. It works the same in reverse for my Dad, he’s been given a local Spanish number +34 for me. So he rings that number to call me as opposed to calling the UK (and a Mobile) directly. So his end he pays for a national rate call only. I pick up the cost as he’s using my number of the interconnect and the UK local leg to me, but again this is pence.

So the calls are dirt cheap that’s great, but the great thing about it, the next time I want to call my Dad I just dial his 0151 number, no need for Wi-Fi, no need for an Internet connection to initiate the call, no need to install anything,  just dial the number and you’re done.

So Rebtel ticks two boxes for me, hugely cheap calls to Spain and a massively simple means of actually setting up the call, amazing.

Buying an iPhone is good for Nokia

OK, trust me with this one, there’s an argument here, if a little weak, but there’s one; I have several pals who can be described as Normobs, they have a mobile phone, it’s used for calls and SMS and that’s it. One of my pals though who’s a Normob (we’ll call him Norm) has decided he want’s an iPhone. Now I’ve never managed to persuade him to take the plunge with any of the Nokia devices I flashed in front of him and there’s been a fair few. But he’s decided the iPhone is for him as he can get his music on there and use it as a phone and surf the web too.

Now that’s great for Nokia in the long run as Norm has taken his first steps into smartphone land with the iPhone, he’s realized that he needs his phone to do a little more than just voice and text. Now what I’m thinking here is what a lot of people will do is take those first steps into smart phone land and realize that they can do so much more with a smart phone than they imagined and that they’ll hit the limits of the Phone but not of their smartphone curiosity and step up (ahem) to a Nokia smartphone.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw that into the Nokia iPhone debate that’s raging right now, it’s a very weak argument, but I’m sure there will be a handful of people that will enjoy the first moments of smartphone ownership and take the plunge with a more powerful and open device as a result.

Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger


A Proporta Mobile Device Charger is now in the post on it’s way to me. I took Jonathan’s advice that it’s the best accessory ever. I did go and check out the Solar chargers but all the comments on them seem to indicate they were pretty poor, so I’ve decided to leave well alone for the time being.

My Green Nokia charger so far has been a bit hit and miss, it charges the E71 and the N800 no problem, but it won’t work with the N95 which is a bit of a downer.

Another new role at Orange!

It’s only been a few months since the last time I mentioned that I’d got a new role within Orange Business, but it’s all change again, I’ve moved Managers and become the Manager of a new group, Telecoms Integrated Operators.

The Sourcing department of Orange Business Services (OBS) has created a new Telecom Integrated Operators Group for Europe or TIO as it’s known. It’s role is to look after telecoms sourcing within the countries where there’s both a Orange Business Network and an Orange Mobile Network, so countries like, UK, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland etc. I’ve got a team of  managers across Europe reporting to me, which is great, so I’ll be polishing up my management skills again as well as learning the ins and outs of various new telecoms markets such as Poland which is very exciting and a great challenge.

So I’ve been with OBS now for 1 year and this is my 3rd role, so things move fast here!

E71 doesn’t do Blackberry connect?

I’ve not had time to check this out and I don’t have a Blackberry service, but a reader contacted me about the imap idle on the E71 and E66. I reponded with the facts that imap idle works great on both the E66 and E71 and that I’d ditched my hosted exchange account as the proper push email works great.

The reader then responded with the following email and I’ll a little shocked that it hadn’t been picked up before as well;

I’ve bought E71 on Friday and then sold it Monday because I couldn’t install Blackberry Connect app…a big drawback for the new E-series and nobody blogs about it:-(((. Good one, Nokia! Is is so hard to beat the Bold (Blackberry) with its own guns? BTW, Nokia’s own email beta app sucks big time.

So if you know anymore about Blackberry connect on the new E71 and E66 drop us a line. I also like the parting comment at the end of the email above, "Nokia’s own email beta app sucks big time"…I confess I haven’t tried it as as I’ve no need to a proper implementation of imap idle is all that’s needed.