Strange message beeps during calls

I’ve been using my E61i again for business and it’s been acting up today, probably because it’s been consigned to the drawer for two weeks whilst I’ve been using the E71. I’m not a huge fan of call waiting, as I’d rather deal with the call in hand quicker and then deal with the next item, a sort of refusal to ‘touch’ things twice.

Anyway, call waiting isn’t on, so therefore I don’t expect to hear beeps whilst on a call, unless, it s voicemail being left or an sms arriving. But today I’ve had a couple of the message arriving beeps during a call, only for me to check when the call has ended for the message to find nothing there, so it’s a bit of a phantom alert. I’ve no idea what’s going on, but if it continues, the device will get a hard reset *#7370# to wipe it clean and start again, it’s a tad annoying to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Strange message beeps during calls

  1. yes..I remember that now phones..I always wanted a Eh327 with the exposed chasis and stubby aeriel..but back to the problem I don’t think it’s that..but thanks for reminding me of that!


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