Rebtel is amazing

I’ve been using various VOIP solutions over the years to try and cut the cost of calling my dad who lives in Spain. I’ve used Jajah, Skype, Truphone and now Rebtel. Rebtel is different to Jajah, Skype and Truphone in that it provides you with a local (International) number the other end to save the other person money calling you.

So how does this work for me, I register my mobile number with Rebtel and they provide me with a fairly local National number to call (I get a huge bundle of free national rate calls), they then also provide a, in my case, Spanish number for my Dad to call which routes back to my mobile.

So for me, it cost my just a few pence with Rebtel for the interconnect and Spanish local leg out. So I just call the 0151 number and it starts ringing in Spain. It works the same in reverse for my Dad, he’s been given a local Spanish number +34 for me. So he rings that number to call me as opposed to calling the UK (and a Mobile) directly. So his end he pays for a national rate call only. I pick up the cost as he’s using my number of the interconnect and the UK local leg to me, but again this is pence.

So the calls are dirt cheap that’s great, but the great thing about it, the next time I want to call my Dad I just dial his 0151 number, no need for Wi-Fi, no need for an Internet connection to initiate the call, no need to install anything,  just dial the number and you’re done.

So Rebtel ticks two boxes for me, hugely cheap calls to Spain and a massively simple means of actually setting up the call, amazing.

9 thoughts on “Rebtel is amazing

  1. Hey Rob!

    My name is Alex and I work at Rebtel.

    Just wanted to thank you for the kind words. It’s a great pleasure providing people with a service that truly helps people to connect with their loved ones regardless of where they are in the world.

    If you have any questions regarding us or our service, feel free to contact me on alexander (dot) drewniak (at) rebtel (dot) com


  2. Most of the time I used to travel, and roaming cost will double my traveling expense, I was searching for any application which gives me the cheapest calling rates, I tried Jajah, Skype and Fring but I was not satisfied, then I came to know about Vopium, as most of the time I have to travel in Europe, I found Vopium the cheapest, and some time Free if connected to Vopium Wi-Fi, with premium voice quality. They have very good calling rates and recently they come up with Sync Application which makes an automatic backup of mobile data. I think you should also look into it.

  3. Hey Rob – have you not tried to call an international number from your Truphone equipped E71 when OUT OF WiFi range?

    The current client has a neat little feature called Truphone Anywhere – which places the outbound call through a local ‘wormhole’ number – in a manner not dissimilar to Rebtel – but with the noteable difference that you do NOT have to worry about the wormhole number – the client handles this for you automatically.

    If you have not tried it – go on and do so. A call to a US 1-800 free number is a good way to do this – as it will not cost you any Truphone credit!

    A description of the functionality of this feature can be found at

  4. I concur with Lounis about his Manifone service with Skype functionality – it really is well executed with a super UI. It is definately worth inspection if you have not already looked at it!

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