E71 Catch up

I haven’t mentioned it for a while, but I’ve still got an E71 from WOM world and it’s by far the best business phone out there. I use an E61i for business and the E71 knocks it for six. There are several reasons why the E71 is better, but take my word for it, it is better by a long way.

I wish I could keep it and use it as my business phone as the battery lasts longer than the E61i as well. I’ve managed 4 days with still some juice left when only using the E71 for voice and texts. It lasted for two days solid no problems with Mail for exchange and Jaiku S60 client running both with permanent Internet connections from 7am till 11pm, so the battery is pretty awesome

Could I use the E71 as my personal phone, no, I don’t think I could, for me my personal phone, should be a phone first and then a camera. The E71 is a communications device first and a phone second and a camera third. Don’t get me wrong the E71 is an amazing device, but it’s got the E-Series moniker for a reason, it’s a business device first and foremost.

There are a few things I’d like to see flow into other firmware versions, not just the E-Series and they are, in no order, the bluetooth key, holding down * is great, the new type and contacts appear on the screen functionality of the E71 and E66, and the better calendar and the better implementation of imap idle. What they can keep is the icon’s I didn’t mind them at first, but I grew to dislike them more recently, a very minor point of more to do with my taste that functionality or design.

The E71 will have to get packed up soon and I’ll miss it as the E61i will come back into service and I’ve noticed how slow that device is now, nevermind, maybe a reset and a fresh new BP-4L will give it a new lease of life!

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