Buying an iPhone is good for Nokia

OK, trust me with this one, there’s an argument here, if a little weak, but there’s one; I have several pals who can be described as Normobs, they have a mobile phone, it’s used for calls and SMS and that’s it. One of my pals though who’s a Normob (we’ll call him Norm) has decided he want’s an iPhone. Now I’ve never managed to persuade him to take the plunge with any of the Nokia devices I flashed in front of him and there’s been a fair few. But he’s decided the iPhone is for him as he can get his music on there and use it as a phone and surf the web too.

Now that’s great for Nokia in the long run as Norm has taken his first steps into smartphone land with the iPhone, he’s realized that he needs his phone to do a little more than just voice and text. Now what I’m thinking here is what a lot of people will do is take those first steps into smart phone land and realize that they can do so much more with a smart phone than they imagined and that they’ll hit the limits of the Phone but not of their smartphone curiosity and step up (ahem) to a Nokia smartphone.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw that into the Nokia iPhone debate that’s raging right now, it’s a very weak argument, but I’m sure there will be a handful of people that will enjoy the first moments of smartphone ownership and take the plunge with a more powerful and open device as a result.

2 thoughts on “Buying an iPhone is good for Nokia

  1. interesting thesis, and for the normobs I can see it going somewhere. Not sure that openness or power will be nokia’s trump card, as the integrated system of itunes/iphone are a huge draw for folks.
    Nokia will need to figure out a way to either fight that linkage OR co-opt in… perhaps by not producing phones but by producing something else entirely.
    As a former nokia loyalist, I feel their pain. I’ve owned 5 Nokias (all top of the line, ending with an N80) and then an iPhone… I switched because of the sync (being a mac guy) and the UI. Symbian series 60 is the next best thing, but it’s still a phone OS. The revelation with the iPhone OS is that it’s a “real” OS — aka a PC OS.
    That makes all the difference. In experience, In apps, In internet access. And it doesn’t significantly increase crashes from any other smartphone used to limits.
    But can nokia reposition devices and have a success? i think so — the camera on the n devices rocks. build/buy/license a solid browser, and you’ve got a competitive device. stop focusing on the phone aspects and find a niche. that’s what apple did…
    I’m rooting for nokia still. I like their stuff. I like them. And apple needs some real consumer oriented competition, and I think nokia is the only contender.

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