Gadgets and kit for vacation

I mentioned in an earlier post that our vacation was fast approaching and that I was clearing off memory cards ready. I’ve made an effort to fit all the kit into one bag this year and make it easier on me to remember kit and transport it, it’s a Lowe pro Stealth Reporter camera bag.

I apologize for the ghostly photo above, it’s the glare off the cover, anyway, you can see the kit laid out ready to go.

1. LowePro Stealth reporter
2. Canon 400D DSLR
3. Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.
4. Letherman
5. Swiss Army credit card,
6. I-Go slim bluetooth keyboard,
7. Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.
8. Jawbone Bluetooth headset.
9. Nokia TV-out cable,
10, 8GB’s of CF memory cards.
11, space pen
12. Moleskine note pad (small) (under keyboard)
13. two spare Canon 400D batteries.

and what’s out of shot, or taking the shot, my trusty Nokia N95 (with 8GB card) and 2 spare batteries for it and a charger of course, along with my iPod (30GB) that’s in the special iPod dock in the glove box ready to roll. I’m key to try out a solar charger too, so will check them out prior to the trip and maybe pick one up, we’ll see.

What’s not going, is my laptop, so the pics of the CF cards will have to wait till we get back and be photo shopped before being uploaded. So that’s another what’s in my bag photo, this time it’s what’s in my bag for vacation. Sad thing is, we’re not going for another 2 weeks!

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