E71 doesn’t do Blackberry connect?

I’ve not had time to check this out and I don’t have a Blackberry service, but a reader contacted me about the imap idle on the E71 and E66. I reponded with the facts that imap idle works great on both the E66 and E71 and that I’d ditched my hosted exchange account as the proper push email works great.

The reader then responded with the following email and I’ll a little shocked that it hadn’t been picked up before as well;

I’ve bought E71 on Friday and then sold it Monday because I couldn’t install Blackberry Connect app…a big drawback for the new E-series and nobody blogs about it:-(((. Good one, Nokia! Is is so hard to beat the Bold (Blackberry) with its own guns? BTW, Nokia’s own email beta app sucks big time.

So if you know anymore about Blackberry connect on the new E71 and E66 drop us a line. I also like the parting comment at the end of the email above, "Nokia’s own email beta app sucks big time"…I confess I haven’t tried it as as I’ve no need to a proper implementation of imap idle is all that’s needed.

15 thoughts on “E71 doesn’t do Blackberry connect?

  1. When questioned at the E71 launch event, Nokia were a bit evasive about BlackBerry support. I got the impression it would happen just not available yet.

    The Nokia Email beta is excellent. Works really well on my E51 with GMail. Better than the native email client. Also means I can have both my SMS inbox & email inbox on the home screen as active standby plug ins.

  2. Thanks for posting this BB/Nokia E71 issue. And congratulations for your new job! :-).
    @ Jonathan Jensen: I’ve read the same thing somewhere else, that Nokia “were (…) evasive about BB support”. I’m still wandering what was the exact answer Nokia PR guys gave you.
    With a bit of luck the story of E51 and BB Connect can be repeated (even I’ve heard from credible sources that Nokia E71 software is written that it will never support BBC): at the very beginning Nokia stated that E51 will be the first BBC unssuported E serie. People ‘solve” that with E90 BBC client trick and E51 worked absolutely flwaless. half a year no official word from Nokia, then I saw an ad in a local paper from …Orange. “Buy E51 with BB plan”. At the end BBC client appeared some weeks ago in Nokia Business Software download pages.
    With 3G iPhone with push email available NOW and with BB Bold near the corner I barely understand Nokia trying to sell this email machine.
    BTW, I’ve uninstalled Nokia Push Email client; it was slowing down /froze my E71.

  3. So much for the E71 being a “Blackberry Killer” or an E61/E61i replacement. I’m stuck on my E61i because of the lack of a Blackberry Connect Client. Our IT team is *NOT* going to open up our Exchange Server for Active Sync.

    Guess I need to look at a Blackberry Bold or other device coming out.

    Great job Nokia, build a great device for the enterprise space, that NONE of us in the enterprise space can actually use.

  4. The E71 is truly the best of the entire E Series stable but its dissappoiting that how mere business rivalry or the fight for a market share makes developers like Nokia not satisfy patrons with essential facilities like Blackberry compatibility. Its high time both the players realise that Blackberry is better at Enterprise/Email Services and Nokia is better at phones and interfaces.

  5. The E71 supports great push email via GPRS as a temporary relief. I switched from the E71 to an E51 coz I managed to crack BB Connect into it. Nokia isnt advertising or even disclosing it but if you update your software to the latest, Nokia E90 & E51 work on the same platform. And the BB connect works perfectly fine on both.

  6. Nokia is trying to fool customers pitching E71 against the Blackberry…

    Whilst I’ve been a faithful nokia user – both e61 and e61i… i bought the e71 and got conned.

    congrats nokia – you got another phone sold…but probably the last nokia phone to this guy.

  7. Hi guys,

    Does anyone has any idea where the hell we can find the BBconnet 6.0 for Nokia E71?
    The thing is, I am so badly trying to set the BB service into my mobile and so far with the server and the desktop everythinmg is working perfect but in other way, no version above of BBconnect 6.18 works on E71.

    Does anyone have a light?

  8. I’m Nokia E71 Lover, I’ve used about 1 (one) year, and I have:
    – Garmin, for GPS navigation
    – Lonely Cat Smart movie, watch divx, avi, etc like iPhone
    – Slick, for chatting -> BB killer
    – tons, application, games, symbian

    Good bye Black Berry . . .

  9. I purchased E71 & find it a terrific gadget. I was using my Co’s lotus note thru POP3 server, my company stopped POP3 server & installed BB server……now I am in soup, E71 does not support BB!!Can anyone tell me how to acess my company’s BB server for getting lotus notes email??

  10. Okay, well it’s a good 8 months now since the last post on this forum. Does anybody know if the E71 now works on BB connect. I’ve really enjoyed the phone ans still think its awesome, but for normal packet data charges for mundane things like a google search add up at then end of the day and my phone bill hasn’t been under 2.5K per month for 6 months now. The blackberry contract I am going to take will cost under 700 bucks a month with unlimited browsing, IM ,GPS, audio streaming , voip and even facebook with its rss feeds – the only dame you pay for anything web related on the BB contract is for downloading anything.
    Here’s where the rub comes in, I’m getting a Blackberry (bold – I think) next week, and was initially planning on selling the New Blackberry & Keeping the E71, but if the Blackberry service wont work on the E71, then I dont want to land myself in a messed up situation. Please does anyone have an update on this for me??? The call centre agent lady assured me that theBlackberry service would work on the E71, and although “all conversations are recorded for blah ..blah ..blah …” , I’m pretty sure that, if My BB service does not work on my E71 and I sell the Blackberry, then My celluar service provider will no doubt mysteriously lose the copy of that particular phone call and I’ll be getting the shaft! Please guys … anything?

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