Day two with the E66

Having had the E66 for 24 hours there’s a couple of new things that I’ve found. You turn the device over and it goes silent, obviously using the accelerometer here. The new calendar app new event screen is a little daunting at first, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it (see below)

The camera is a little bit of let down, but it’s a business phone and the photo’s are way better than the E61i

Here’s an outdoor shot

A brightly lit (inside a shop) shot

And a low light shot with bright spots which are difficult to handle.

The new message notification is pretty cool and a good use of dead space on the homescreen.

But the RAM, just wonderful, loads of apps open and no noticeable performance loss or low memory notifications for sure

So day two has proved to be an interesting day with new features found.

First impression of the Nokia E66

It was a huge surprise today to get a knock on the door and find a courier holding a phone sized box. If you didn’t know there was a Nokia event in London today for the launch of the new E66 and E71 devices. WOM World had kindly sent me a E66 to play with over the next two weeks.

The unboxing

e66 Unboxing - Share on Ovi

The rest of the video’s are here

So here’s my first impressions of the device, it’s a peice of real quality, I really like it. I had the new E51 a few weeks back and didn’t really like it, it had nothing over the devices I already had. The E66 has everything, 3.5G, GPS, 3.2Mpix camera which does 30 fps and a realy excellent slider.

3.5G on the E66

The device itself, the hardware is something special, it’s such a different quality to the N95, it’s smooth flat front, the glass front keys and excellent keyboard, complete with bluetooth key (I hope that becomes a standard) and that sliding mechanism, sorry to go on about it but it’s so smooth, I wish the N95 was like it.

The device open.

The back (a bit of a finger print magnet)

The flat front…very nice

There’s a few interesting items of note, the slim USB cover is easy to remove, but not sure how long it’d last, and the back removal is interesting, there’s two buttons either side which you press to release the very thin metal back plate. This allows you to insert the 1000mAmh battery. The speaker is down the bottom left on the back of the device, but it’s very loud and very clear when playing music. When you nudge the device, when it’s in sleep mode, just the light around the d pad lights up in a very neat way. There’s also a headphone jack on the left slide near the top.

So the device it self is really smart, a very nice device so top marks to Nokia here.

The operating system has had a few tweaks and on initial use very neat indead.There’s a new calendar app and some funky little new features. One of the items’ to note is the 70.7M of free ram on boot up, which is wonderful.

70.7M on boot up. There’s also a 2GB card in the device which should be plenty big enough for most things.

The new calendar app, this is the default first screen now for the calendar app, it’s nice, not sure how it’ll pan out in real life use, but we’ll see.

The first thing I noticed when sending an SMS was the little flying envelope, very neat and there’s the little SMS icon at the bottom of the homescreen now which is interesting.

The action pop on contacts.

email pop on homescreen, again, it’s an interesting feature, but not sure if it’s no more than a gimmick.

The switch modes screen, this is the interesting new app, on the E66 and E71, it allows you to switch very easily between two settings, of themes and profiles in one go. It’s very nice app and about time too, it makes switch between two setups very easy and if you’re keen enough to have just one phone and use it for both work and pleasure then this app is a must to flip between setups.

The music store and podcasting installed, thing ground breaking, but good that those apps are there and not left out as it’s a ‘business’ phone. The new S60 tweaks are all very nice and make the S60 experience that little bit nicer, so I wonder if they’ll float through to the other devices via firmware upgrades, or if they are E series only.

The phone in use is as would be expected, very good, sound quality is great and due to the devices light weight and it’s thickness easy to use and hold to your ear. I haven’t given GPS a whirl yet, but the camera is fine and the video is 30FPS, which I’m well impressed with. I really like the 30FPS video of my N95, so to get the same quality on the E66 is great news.

So first impression is extremely positive, this is a very nice phone. I had been thinking that the E71 was the phone for me, but this is a very special device. Hopefully I can get to give the E71 a whirl as it’s closer to the E61i that I use daily, but the E66 is almost closer to N95 than a business phone.

But thumbs up to Nokia on the E66 and a big thanks to WOM World too