Freeing yourself from E-Mails Grip

There’s a great article in the New York Times about Luis Suarez and his use of social networking tools to reduce his email. It’s a great article as it’s a huge sales pitch on how IBM can help your business become more productive by installing the social network tools that help.

I’ve written before on Facebook in the enterprise, as has JP in much more detail, but it’s clear that social networking tools work and that it’s the topic or subject is what people congregate around. So social networks could work in the enterprise around the topic of the business and Luis mentions IBM’s Facebook-like application.

I’ve worked for IBM and now work for the France Telecom group, two huge organisations and I’m convinced that more social tools within these organisations could only benefit their operation. IBM’s adoption of these tools an willingness of it’s managers to adopt them is a great sign that it works. [via]

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