Imap on the E66

I’ve been using a hosted exchange account from mail2web for a while now without any problems at all and at 2.50ukp a month it’s a bargain. But as soon as Google turned on imap I’ve been trying to get a decent email application to play nicely with imap idle without any success. As you may have noticed, I’ve got an E66 from Wom world right now and I set that up with my exchange account and it’s worked well, even though it wasn’t supposed to, there was a new release of mail for exchange for the E66 and E71 last week, I used the E51 version btw.

So with this new handset and several new tweaks within the S60 OS I thought I’d give imap another whirl and it’s working perfect. I set the interval to 15mins, but the emails are coming through as soon as they hit my account, so I can only conclude the imap idle is working perfectly. The other check I did is that going into the email account and clicking settings asks you to disconnect, so I can only assume it’s permanently connected which is what you’d expect with idle.

So it could be time to drop my exchange account now that imap idle is working well.

Whilst we’re on the topic of imap, the new release of the N800 firmware updates the email client on the tablet. That too plays nicely with imap now and it’s a great device to do your email on.

2 thoughts on “Imap on the E66

  1. how is the general performance with imap mail? does it download more than headers and how quickly do messages open. The N95-3 does it more quickly than the E61i for me but neither is super quick. the N78 felt quicker to me ….

    idle is the way to go!

  2. I’m trying to get IMAP working nicely on my E66 – I’m running my own mail server, and IMAP works fine with my PC-based mail clients – Mozilla Thunderbird and Evolution. But Outlook and the E66 seem to ignore any mail folders I have set up over IMAP. Do you see separate mail folders (if you’ve created any) on your E66?

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