1 week with the Nokia E66

I’ve now had the brand new Nokia E66 for just over a week and..I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s one of the best phone’s I’ve ever had. So I’ll kick off with the bad points first of all then cover the good things about this device.

First off, the firmware has a few bug’s scrolling in the browser doesn’t show the web page image (see below), I’m sure this will get fixed so no big deal. The headset socket is 2.5mm and not the larger 3.5mm like the N95, this means having a different set of headphones for it than my iPod and N800. The camera doesn’t deal with low light environments at all, but outside on a bright day no problem, photo’s are fine. The N95 camera is in a different league compared to it which is fine, but for taking snaps it does a job.

The good points, the size and build quality, this phone is so nice to hold and fit’s in your pocket with ease with no unsightly bulge like the N95. The metal back and case makes it feel really solid and expensive and the sliding mechanism is perfect. The keyboard is excellent, slightly flatter than the N95 keyboard and as a result easier to use. There are lot’s of other good points such as the new calendar which I like, the new message notification. The ram is also a massive plus over the N95-1, not so over the N95 8G. The battery life is also better on the E66 than the N95, the E66 has a 1000mAh battery, whilst the N95 has a 950mAh battery. The E66 is lasting all day, 7am till 11pm with jaiku on ‘more up to date’ and push email is on too. With both of those on my N95 it’d start beeping around 5pm, so that’s a major bonus, a battery that copes with a solid day of use.

I’ve replaced my N95 with the E66 and I’m still using my E61i for work, the difference between the E66 and the E61i is huge though, it’s like using a phone that’s 10 years older. But for me it’s about the E66 being a viable replacement for my N95. The N95 is about creating and consuming media, and the camera, TV out, 30 fps video, stereo speakers and 3.5mm headset socket are all benefits of the N95 over the E66. But I could live with those, the camera is OK, the upload straight to blyk missing out the TV negates that issue, I’m not a chav so don’t tend to listen to music via the stereo speakers whilst waiting for the bus so again they won’t be missed. Finally having and carrying around in a bag a second pair of headphones isn’t such a huge bind.

So to conclude, for me the E66 can do pretty much everything that the N95 can do, and last longer in my pocket as the phone. So the E67 needs a 3.5mm headphones socket and a 30fps 5mp camera and we’re done.

Again thanks to WOM World.

7 thoughts on “1 week with the Nokia E66

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  3. Good review.

    The 2.5 mm headset socket can be fixed with a small 3.5>2.5-converter. I have one from my old ipaq 1940, a small 4 cm. wire, wich ad virtually no extra bulk.

    Bugs, hmm. I clearly remember the three firmware updates for my E61. I was so stupid to update the firmware, when it became available. It introduced a new bug, so the number keys could not be used in Web browser and many more apps, without pressing a special key at the same time. Oh, no worry, it could be fixed in the next firmware upgrade. But it wasn’t fixed at all, ever.

    But nevermind, the E66 is MY next phone.

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  5. I have this phone for two weeks now and I still haven’t been able to put it down.

    Must have Mods:
    – Gambia stylist theme (small in size – no lags).
    – Myphone v.2.2 (iPhone menu exactly as in the iPhone).
    – Handyshell 1.0 and Kprofile
    – Speedcam 4.2 (plug-in for nokia maps, works well)
    – X-plorer + Hellocarbide + ROMpatcher

    – Image Gallery is replaced by Resco photo viewer. It’s so much more efficient to use as i have too much images on the card and it is taking forever to load.

    – Music player – taking forever to scan for music each time after using the microSD card. (It need to be replaced with a 3rd party application, which i still haven’t found one)

    – Browser – replaced by Opera mini so much easier to use, zooming functions are ways better.

    – Video Player – Replaced by Coreplayer, which player everythings (audio/video). I love the fast forward/backward functions, ways better than divx player, plays all downloaded/ripped movies.

    – Add-on 3.5mm jack cord ($5/ebay)
    – Replaced the battery BL-4U with a higher capacity 1500 mAh (same voltage of 3.7v) for ($10/ebay) last twice as long as the OEM battery.

  6. How to manually rotate the screen of the Nokia E66?
    I dont want to use the automatic function as it is very annoying and lagging when i’m lying down.

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