Day two with the E66

Having had the E66 for 24 hours there’s a couple of new things that I’ve found. You turn the device over and it goes silent, obviously using the accelerometer here. The new calendar app new event screen is a little daunting at first, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it (see below)

The camera is a little bit of let down, but it’s a business phone and the photo’s are way better than the E61i

Here’s an outdoor shot

A brightly lit (inside a shop) shot

And a low light shot with bright spots which are difficult to handle.

The new message notification is pretty cool and a good use of dead space on the homescreen.

But the RAM, just wonderful, loads of apps open and no noticeable performance loss or low memory notifications for sure

So day two has proved to be an interesting day with new features found.

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