update on e51

I’ve had the e51 for a few days now and I’ve clocked up 8 hours of calls on it and it’s worked flawlessly each time. I think the keyboard on it is just great. The buttons are a really nice size and have a nice feel to them too. I sync my e61i with my calendar via bluetooth and that works great, I sync’d the e51 with my calendar today as well. I kept my fingers crossed that there would be no duplicates or any other horrific nightmare, but it worked just fine.

Battery life is OK, two days no problem and those two days are pretty tough on it.

The screen is I have to confess on the small size, I think I’ve been spoilt by my e61i, my n800 and my N95 though. It works fine, I just think I’m not used to have wide black bars down the side of the screen.

So week 1 with the device over and I still like it a lot.

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