Nokia e51 from WOMWorld

I received a Nokia e51 two days back from WOMWorld and here are my first impressions of the sleek device. As I menioned a few days further back I’ve been using the e61i as my work phone and the N95 as my personal phone. The reason being, the e-series is aimed at business and the n-series at the creative minded amongst us.

There are some slight differences in the OS between the e-Series and the n-Series such as the way messages are announced, the e-Series adds a discreet notification into the active standby screen list, the n-Series does the whole big pop window alert thing. The reason for this is I assume with email alerts coming more frequently a more discreet way of managing the notification is more appropriate. Alternatively, being a busy person you may want to continue with the phone functioning until you get time to deal with the messages, as oppossed to having to deal with the message then and there in the n-Series.

There are a few more active standby differences between the two devices, along with more somber themes and more business like ring tones. Otherwise it’s a very familiar experience, which makes using the two devices together extremely easy, no pauses while you remember how to switch to a silent profile for example.

The phone itself is very thin and it’s got a lovely weight to it, it feels if it’s a solid chunk of metal, which is an extremely nice reassuring feel that I like. The numeric buttons are pretty big and easy to use which is great, typing SMS’s is easy and quick. I’ve found the green and red call handling keys to be a tad small for my fat thumbs though, there a little too small on the e61i too, maybe they think all business people have skinny fingers.

The battery life so far hasn’t been outstanding but the battery hasn’t been broken in yet, but it last just over a day with 3 hours of calls some of which on my Jawbone. Call quality is very good as you expect from a Nokia.

So so far so good, I’m trying to sort out push email to my e61i in work when I get a chance, but if it doesn’t work out, then I wouldn’t think twice about bouncing the e61i and getting an e51.

And finaly thanks to WOMWorld for lending it to me!

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