Dell’s day is over

Looks like Dell is hitting a tricky patch. This is the second article I’ve seen chronicling the demise of Dell $3bn saving is a big job and when you’ve had razor thin margins like Dell and a pretty slick operation already, there’s not going to be lot’s of fat in the business to get that $3bn. The anecdotal evidence I have is that we can’t get any Dell laptops right now. Orange buy’s it’s laptops from Dell and we just can’t get them, if I recall correctly a 3 month wait, which is just mad in today’s on demand world. How long Dell stays our supplier is anyone’s guess.

As a PC they are fine, a piece of design they suck, gray and black, extremely bland. I’ve thought about just buying my own and using that, something a bit smaller and not so damn thick. Anyway, looks like my next PC when it get’s refreshed could be something different, I hope it’s a Lenovo machine, fingers crossed.

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