Nokia e61i is the business phone (and the jawbone is good too)

I managed to pick up an e61i a week or so back and I put it into action as my main phone for the weekend. The e61i is not a multimedia device, that’s for sure, the camera is OK in the right light, but the video is a joke. It’s two wide, my daughter asked why I was I putting a coaster to my ear. So, the N95 quickly regained it’s crown as the best phone for every single situation and for photo’s and video’s there’s nothing that can touch it.

So the e61i has been put into service as my work phone, the symbian S40 device 6233 or whatever has been consigned to the phone basket. The e61i is a killer business phone the battery is great, but not as good as I’d hoped, I’m getting at most two days out of it, and that’s without any data, just calls and bluetooth. I’m sure it’d last longer on less busy days and a very long time with light days for sure.

That’s the battery, the keyboard is getting easier to use and typing out text messages is a dream when you’ve got two hands. The size isn’t an issue as I’ve got a jacket pocket to drop it into as opposed to trying to put it in a jeans pocket. the fact it’s very flat also helps with the lines of your jacket, no unsightly bulges here.

I’m trying get my hands on a Nokia Intellisync license and connect it up to our corporate mail and give it a whirl as the anti-blackberry, which should be fun. The message lists are nice and small which will allow a lot of messages to be seen on a single screen.

So to sum up, the e61i makes a huge amount of sense as a work/corporate device it’s got a lot of great attributes that make it a great device. So the ‘e’ series really is best for business and not for fun.

That’s not the end of my exceptional brief and very personal review of the e61i, oh no. I paired the e61i with the replacement Jawbone and it works a dream. My first Jawbone had a problem, I sounded like a darlek with which ever phone I used, so it went back. The new Jawbone turned up and has been flawless ever since.

My recent Nokia and plantronics headsets have been OK, but whenever I’ve used them people have very quickly asked me to mute the call as the background noise is too intrusive. Since using the Jawbone, no such requests. I can leave the call un-muted when driving and just chirp in whenever I feel like it. This is great, muting and un-muting a call whilst driving is dangerous so this is a great improvement.

I haven’t been able to determine whether people I’m on a headset or not so far, but a bit more use and I’ll determine whether the sound quality is up to scratch, but the sound isolation so far is fantastic.

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