Weekend in Cambridge

We’ll be packing this evening for a weekend visiting family just outside Cambridge over the easter break. The forecast says snow, which should make the easter egg hunt easy, just follow the footprints.

It’s the first trip where the N800 will replace my laptop, so I’ll looking forward to breaking out the bluetooth keyboard again. Not sure how much blogging I’ll get time for, but it’ll be there just in case.

My latest toy, the Jawbone bluetooth headset has been sent back to the shop as I got nothing but static connecting it to either of my phones. So I’m just hoping I had a dud one and it’ll be replaced. I’m looking forward to testing it in the car, but that’ll have to wait for now.

I managed to download and install joikuspot earlier in the week and it worked really well, it turned my N95 into a wireless hotspot and used the 3.5G network to great affect. Looking forward to the WEP inabled version, but it sure does much through the battery.

I managed to pick up 10 new followers on Twitter after I spent some time finding people talking about enterprise IT as oppossed to the normal consumer stuff. So if you’re one of them then hello and thanks for following me.

Right last conf call of the week in 6 mins, so time to go..have a nice easter!

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