Twitter Updates for 2008-03-13

  • my weekend in Brigthon and trip up to Wembley on saturday for the FA cup semi has been ruined..we’re playing on Sunday at 4pm!! #
  • went to sainsbury’s yesterday, forgotten my wallet..when will I be able to buy stuff with my phone??..just add it to the phone bill #
  • @atmasphere where are you then? #
  • @atmasphere cool..i shall check your blog see what you’ve been doing up/over there #
  • wondering why there are lots of blogs about the telco industry but none by the telco’s themsleves? #
  • @benrmatthews and hello to you too!..your UK NXNW sounds interesting #
  • @jezlyn I just delete it, but if it happens again I do call them back asking to stop, politely sometimes. #
  • @benrmatthews yes NXNW sounds interesting..i’ll listen out for the #
  • my 4 year old daughter has figured out how my iPod works and has run off with it #
  • @patphelan you never know you might up with your own show! #
  • @RussB I just got the same spam, I mean email ..straight to trash #
  • @loiclemeur yes but it’s a fine line between joining the conversation and shameless promotion..@capgemeni is faceless right now #
  • @gapingvoid did i spot you in party scene of the video? #

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