Whatleydude’s Joy of Ku

Over on SMS Text News guest blogger James Whatley or Whatleydude to his adoring fans has posted on his “Joy of Ku”. This being his love for Jaiku.

First off – without presuming too much – a brief explanation:

What is Jaiku?

* Micro-blogging (like twitter)
* Limited to 140 characters (like Twitter) to your first ‘Jaiku’
* Jaikus start threaded conversations (unlike Twitter) with no character limit (unlike Twitter)
* Jaiku also enables ‘Presence’ from your S60 handset: Location + Phone Profile + Latest Jaiku
* Jaiku as a feed aggregator – pulling in all your feeds into one single ‘life stream’
* An ‘active’ contacts book, when futurists debate the address book as being key to any user’s daily life, Jaiku is often looked upon as leading the way
* And above all, a community…

There is a link in there to the Jaiku Invites site, as Jaiku is invite only at the moment.

My comments on Jaiku v Twitter as they are the two often compared is that Twitter is where the big names are and it’s a micro-blogging tool, you get the odd response to your posts. Jaiku on the other hand is a micro-blogging tool but you post and lot’s of people comment, the conversations are bigger on Jaiku.

So if you want you want to micro-blog take your pick, if you want to have conversations then get yourself an invite to Jaiku. I confess to using both as they each offer something ever so slightly different to each other, but if I didn’t like Jaiku I wouldn’t have written this post.

This is me on jaiku and twitter, add me if you want and start a conversation.

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