TWiT 134 drove me nuts

Like Tabletblog, I listened to TWiT 134 and found my self shouting at my iPod several times. Tabletblog had a problem with them not thinking of the N800 as the suitable podcast device. What Tabletblog didn’t mention and almost makes it worse is that Dave Winer has an N800.

But I agree with Tabletblog there was no mention of the podcast client for S60 and everything they discussed is available right now. It also drove me nuts with Dave trying to hack up solutions to make twitter do stuff that Jaiku already does.

The other item I was shouting at the iPod was Dave’s flickr screensaver flickfan and his hack to make RSS feeds of news feeds appear on his screen. I can only assume he doesn’t use google to look for the tools he needs. I confess, I wish I could hack up these tools, but I can’t and there’s not enough hours in the day to do this stuff when it’s already out there. I have a screensaver that pulls pics from my Flickr RSS feed plus some news feeds too. Took me 5 mins to search, download and install.

Otherwise, TWiT is as entertaining as always.

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