it’s only 3G or 3.5G missing now

Apple have just announced the SDK and the enterprise improvements to the iPhone software. The exchange services look the most interesting to me, which round off the connectivity requirements of the device. The App store is a shrewd move to control what goes out onto the devices and skims 30% off every single sale, nice.

The only thing missing now is 3G or 3.5G, the rumours of a 3G iPhone seem to have gone a little quiet of late, but they consistenly appear. Having had devices that have Edge and HSDPA there’s a huge difference between them both. When you’re using Edge you know you’re on a mobile network, when you use 3G it’s a similar experience to wi-fi. I’d allways want wi-fi in my phones, M3100 had wi-fi, the N95 has wi-fi, but now that I’ve got 3G, I wouldn’t miss wi-fi.

I’ve still got a long time to go on my current contract, so I’m hoping that the 3G model turns up around Christmas ’08. The big dilemma for me will be loyalty, I’ve been with Orange since 1995. But then there’s no such thing as loyalty these days..I can port my number so who’ll know only me…I’m off to check the O2 3G coverage maps.

2 thoughts on “it’s only 3G or 3.5G missing now

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