Fire Eagle

I’ve managed to snag one of the Dopplr beta invites to Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s new location service. I wouldn’t rush to track down and invite as there’s nothing there right now. The web site is pretty basic, with a promise of a gallery of applications of which there are currently none.

The idea is good, it’s a step further that the standard vague location you get on some other apps, but there’s a lot of work to be done. I expect to see either small apps that push your location upto Fire Eagle on regular intervals or we’ll see apps or services that suck your location out of those services that are already in place.

Take Jaiku for example that has location information based on cell tower database information, or Twibble with it’s ability to post to twitter either your approx location “L:Chester” or you exact co-ordinates via intergration with your built in GPS, which I wrote about a few days back.

I think the intergration with apps already in place or use is the best approach but we’ll see. I think we’re taking another step down the road towards location based advertising. For me I think it’s great that my friends and family can access a page and see where I am in the world accurate to within a few minutes. For me right now I’ve connected my Dopplr (if you’re not on Dopplr you’re missing out it’s great) to Fire Eagle and watching the gallery to see what turns up you want a bet, Jaiku or Twibble (twitter) intergration, who’ll be first?

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