twibble a twitter S60 app


I’ve been giving the S60 app twibble a location aware twitter client, a whirl over the last few days and it’s a great little app. It’s got a couple of little neat tricks that make it interesting, the first is either to post using your data connection, or turn the post into an SMS and send it as an SMS. The second is the integration with GPS and the ability to add your location into the post.

The integration with GPS is interesting as there’s a feed available for Google Earth which allows you to see where you posted from and where your friends are too.

The only downside for me is that when you move away from the app it shuts down, this isn’t great and I’m hoping it may be me that’s messed something up. It’s a lot like the Jaiku S60 app, which also has your friends and your location. Jaiku goes one step further with your presence.

So if you’re looking for a twitter app for your S60 devices then give twibble a whirl too.

4 thoughts on “twibble a twitter S60 app

  1. good to hear you like twibble 🙂 I also had this shut down problem on my N95. However, with the latest firmware (20.0.015) it works fine, i.e. I can run twibble in the background while using other applications simultaneously. Former firmwares are known to have a memory management problem.

  2. Hi thilo,

    I’m running and have been for a while. I’ll give it another go, but when I moved away and then went to handy taskman, twibble wasn’t listed as a running app.

    I’ll give it another go, see if I can pin it down.


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