Twitter Updates for 2008-02-24

  • @patphelan ..thanks! ..I’m in Reading Wednesday, may be free in the evening to pop into where you’re going to be. #
  • trying to figure out how to watch the carling cup final now we don’t have sky any longer..and without going to the pub ..can it be done? #
  • Now watching the Carling cup final with a huge delay, but watching it has chinese subtitles though 😦 #
  • Yeah..Tottenham win the Carling Cup..first silverware for 9 years!! #
  • @patphelan yes – frequently get to zero in google reader these days. i need to add more feeds in..has twitter impacted that much? #
  • finished packing for tomorrows trip to Brussels, 4.15am start, terminal 3 manchester airport around 5.30ish for the 6.30 flight…joy. #

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New role at Orange

I’ve been keeping this under my hat for a few days, but my Manager told the rest of the team last week so it’s in the ‘public’ domain. I have the name of the person to handover to and a date too, so I’m a bit more comfortable talking about it.

For the last 7 months I’ve been working on Orange’s only full scope outsourcing project as the lead buyer, so managing pretty much everything that Orange needs from third parties, software, devices and services. It’s been extremely interesting understanding how Orange manages its outsourcing business and I’ll miss the guys working on the account and the account directors of the various suppliers. I also spent a lot of time with the finance guys helping to fix the growing pains we’ve experienced, well outside of my remit I know, but it needed to be done. Over last few weeks I’ve been ‘loaned out’ to the CIO of the customer, helping them with an RFP, hence the recent 3 day trip to Halmstad, it’s been a strange experience, but an interesting one nonetheless.

So where am I going..

I’m joining the group level integrated Telco operator’s team, so I’m back working in a Telco only environment. There’s two of us in the UK team working on all Telco spend at group level, which means covering, Orange Business Services, Orange Mobile and Orange Home. I spent last Thursday down in Bristol taking a look at all of the projects going on which was great to be talking about Telco stuff again. We even had a great geek out tour of the Bristol Switch, a 500m2 room with all the associated kit of a mobile network.

So it’s going to be fun to understand from an insider view point, how enterprise, mobile and DSL networks are managed, costs are saved and partners chosen. Which in the face of calls for dumb pipes from the Telco’s it’s going to be interesting and challenging. I’ve read the paradox of the best network and totally understand the drive for more bandwidth and realistically priced mobile data access and how the likes of the BBC’s iPlayer will impact the network to deliver the extra bits and bytes.

So I just can’t wait to start the conversations

Twitter Updates for 2008-02-23

  • checking out MS Live skydrive whilst watching the rugby.. #
  • I’m not checking out MS Live Skydrive, as I can’t get passed log in page, I guess everyone else is checking it out right now too. #
  • something is up with blog, posts and template changes are just hanging..can log in and out and view stuff..can’t change..hmm. #
  • turned the tumblr blog back on as a place to post while I figure out what’s up with my hosted wordpress blog. #

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Mobile Geeks of London 3

I’m going to miss MGOL3 this week and I’m miffed. I’ve managed to miss 1 and 2 and for 2, like 3 I’ll have been in London on the actual day of the event. The event’s appear to be getting bigger and bigger so by the time 4 comes around it’ll be at the Olympia for 3 days solid and I should be able to tie up my diary to make it there.

Here’s the Facebook page for the event if you’re luckier than me and in London next Thursday evening, and if you do go give my apologies.