The Telco Dilemma Series.

I’ve been thinking about the implication of the $99 unlimited packages hitting the US shops and what the impacts of that would be if the model is adopted here in Europe. My musings then went on to cover the other challenges facing the mobile and fixed line carriers. So I’ve decided to split the post up and cover each of the questions in a little more detail.

So these are the ten questions I’ll be asking and trying to answer over the next few days.

1. How much will an unlimited plan cost in Europe?

2. The implications of unlimited bandwidth.

3. Is it unlimited or unlimited*

4. Is unlimited* bad or will the three strikes rule remove the *?

5. Should the value added services be dropped?

6. Has Nokia shown the way with Ovi?

7. Is the carrier model too predictable?

8. How do you compete in a market place when services are free?

9. Why is there loads of innovation in the mobile space, yet none of it from the Carriers?

10. Google has bought, Grand Central and Jaiku, who should the carriers be buying?

If you think you can answer any of the questions then please let me know.

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