Twitter Updates for 2008-02-18

  • logged on to the wireless network of the hotel here in Sweden..boy is it sloooww #
  • 31mins to download all work emails….I’ll go get a shower #
  • @Pimp_Daddy a few, but I think main problem is this super slow hotel wireless network..still not got them all…might get something to eat! #
  • just ran on the hotel network..47kbps!!’s like going back dial up…no wonder it took 38mins to get my mail #
  • arse…GOD HELG original water is carbonated..I need to learn swedish..I’ll leave the cap off, it’ll go flat soon enough. #
  • btw, do you know how much the toll is to drive across that bridge from Denmark to Sweden one way – DK325.about..£32 ..$64 dollars! one way! #
  • @jezlyn @whatleydude lol yes – *you* sending us something interesting..((wave)) #

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