Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta

I’ve installed the beta of Nokia Maps 2.0 and I’m having a few troubles. The first one and the main one is that it take ages to find a signal. Sometime it’s seconds other times it just refuses to find a signal and sits there searching for 5 minutes or more. That’s a show stopper really. I was in Paris on Tuesday and had to walk from the office to the La Defense RER stations and tried using Maps 2.0 to find it. The search found the station, but the GPS signal just sat there. I walked all the way to the station without it working. Not good.

The second minor niggle is the alert that pops up to tell you that you’re not online, even when the setting is always go online. It’s a minor niggle and it needs fixing. But I can live with it, I can’t live without a quick GPS signal lock on.

I had though about using it in Sweden on Monday, but decided I can’t risk it and have downloaded all of Western Europe for my TomTom instead.

I know it’s a Beta product but I hope somebody on the testing program has also had this problem and reported it.

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