$84m for crashing exchange

I just read a post, (can’t find the link now) about a start up (techcrunch I’d guess) that has managed to secure a massive $84m by running a business that backsup and provide disaster recovery effectively for Exchange users. So if you’re running MS Exchange and you want to be online 100%, then this startup can help you. The startup Teneros (I found the link – here , techcrunch I was right) is alive due to MS’s inability to make a stable product is what the techcrunch post suggests.

But there’s much more than just the stability of the application that needs to be considered to provide a 100% uptime solution, network reslience and power are just a few. So a business could have a very stable install of exchange but the WAN (call Orange ;-)) might be either unstable or unsuitable.

I think this is a great business for the time being, but when business adopt cloud computing, then the market will shrink, not vanish, but shrink. I was also wondering could you create this model with software that pulls the mail from the exchange server, shoves it on Amazon’s S3 and provides a DNS flip over if the domain becomes unreachable, thus bringing up all the data hosted on S3 as live. There’s more to it than this I’m sure, but if you keep the costs down, you’ve got a virtual business with decent profit margins.

Anyway, I’ve got some backing up of my own to do.

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