Sharing information within an enterprise has a great post on making yourself useful, the first tip is ‘share what you know’. This is one of the biggest problems within large organisations, you find one person who knows how everything works, he or she knows lots of useful information but thinks that by keeping it to themsleves is the best approach.

I agree with the lifehack post, share the information, put it somewhere where others can find it. Be the person that finds out how stuff works and docuement it quickly and post it somewhere safe. You’ll be know as the person that get’s stuff done and helps others to get stuff done. Those are the qualities of the people you want in your organisation.

The way in which information is shared within organisation is still an interesting issue, locked away teamrooms in lotus notes and shared drives are just of the, in my view, ineffiecient ways of sharing information. But how you share is a topic of it’s own, but for now, share everything.

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