SAS Airsmart Challenge

As a holder of a Scandinavian airlines (SAS) card I received an email asking me to vote in their smart challenge. I usually don’t bother with this sort of thing but I’m a sucker for travel tips. On the web site there are 20 tips to choose from and you can vote for one.

Two of the tips stood out for me and would make my business travel a whole lot easier.

The first tip was that you could state the hotel destination for your baggage and once checked in it would turn up at your hotel. I’m not sure of the logistics behind this, but it’s a nice idea, no more dragging roller suitcases to meetings, they just turn up at your hotel.

The second tip I thought pretty neat was the ability to book your transfer travel from the airport to your destination. Again this would make life easier, a taxi waiting for you would make life easier. OK I could arrange this myself if I took the time to find taxi company numbers in the destination city. Now I have taxi numbers for Paris and London for when I fly there to arrange a pick up, but not Copenhagen for example, next weeks trip.

There doesn’t appear to be any check or login so anyone can vote and stand a chance of winning a nice new big TV.

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