Vista difficult by default

We’ve been using Vista now for a few weeks and my overall all opinion is that I’m glad I never paid to upgrade to this. The Vista we’re using, home premium came on the new PC we bought and is shiny but doesn’t offer any real benefit over XP. I’m tempted to go back to XP, but not sure how the license plays out, will look into it.

The problem I have is that everything is just more difficult, the menu’s on explorer boxes are hidden by default, you have to unhide them. I’ve hit the first install problem with a webcam that won’t install, so my Seesmic account is untried right now as a result. My wife who also uses the PC complains that it’s difficult and she’s having to relearn stuff which is wasting her time.

To top it off we bought Office 2007 too and that is very different UI to Office2003, changing the font is a chore, so that isn’t helping to make the switch to Vista seamless.

The ideal solution that I guess I’m unlikely to see is a version of Apple OS, Leopard, that I could install, but I’m guess the tied in hardware is something Mac want’s to keep. I wonder if you could do it the other way and install Leopard into a virtual machine on the PC..hmm.

BTW was up at 4.15am this morning and left the house at 5am, which is way way too early to start a work day.

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