Canon D400

For those of you paying way too much attention to my life stream, you’ll have noticed that I’ve purchased a new camera.

After a toss up between a Nikon and the Canon I plummed for the Canon (aka Digital Rebel XTi) as it’s more popular and a larger crowd can’t be wrong. I’ve read the manual twice and still some stuff goes over my head, put I’ve now moved off auto and around to the creative settings. Playing with the depth of field is my current interest and making shots of people stand out by making the background go all fuzzy.

I’ve also purchased a 50mm prime lens for it too, this has made an impact over the stock lens for portrait shots, so I’m happy. The next purchase will either be a decent zoom to get in close and take those candid pics without people noticing or a macro lens to get in close and produce some spectacular flower shot’s but that may wait till the summer as there’s very little in the way of bloomage around here right now.

So watch out for me playing as the adverts go.

3 thoughts on “Canon D400

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  2. The 50mm cheapo prime is certainly very nice (but slightly delicate). I’ve also got the 60mm EF-S macro which is excellent, but could probably have done with getting a 100mm instead as the 60mm tends to need to get very close… as for a longer zoom, I’m still in the market for one myself, although the 55-200mm that came bundled with my 350D is acceptable.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Yes, the price of the 50mm is great. For the time being I’m not going to invest hundreds in new lens until I’ve learnt a few more things.

    I read the lens is a little fragile, but like you say in your post, springing for another isn’t the end of the world.

    I’ll take a look at your macro lens too, sounds interesting.

    Regards Rob.

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