installing windows home server badly

If you’ve been following my tweets then you’ll have noticed that my copy of Windows Home Server turned up. Last night I got a chance to install it. It’s the OEM version for system builders, so comes with 3 CD’s and 1 DVD.

The install process is straight forward and takes about an hour, there’s nothing tricky or no prerequisites before the install. However, I’m on install number 6, yep 6, there seems to be 1 or 2 small problems which stop the full install.

The first problem I had was it couldn’t see the second 120gb HD therefore only had 80gb of HD space. The second install worked fine and I connected the sever up to my main machine via the console and was able to setup the backups etc.

But disaster, in the morning the server wasn’t connected to the console, it had gone red and the server refused to connect to the network at an IP layer. I couldn’t ping the box or anything else, but a check of the ARP cache showed the mac addresses of the IP addresses I’d been trying to ping. SO for some strange reason it had fallen off the network and refused to get back on.

Whilst rebooting the server to bring the changed network settings in clean it lost my profile and had to install a temp version, yet another bad sign.

So I went for yet another clean install which failed again as it failed to find the second HD again. So I’ve taken the side off and re-seated the HD’s and some of the other connections to see if that makes a difference.

I’ve done a short video with a few more bit’s of background in it.

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