OEM pricing for Windows Home Server comes into focus at below $200

This is great news, but I wonder if it’ll be the same price over here in the UK, I tried to join the beta but was a little too late. I have our old machine setup in the closet with a wireless card ready for this software. I’ve ordered a new Socket A silent fan to make it as silent as possible and got half a TB of storage on it now too. [via]

I’m trying to figure how much I can strip the box down to and can I get a smaller case for it.

I have one question, if you’re not attaching a monitor do you really need a graphics card? I intend to leave it in there to start with for setup and then rip it out. I want he box to be as small and as silent as possible and the graphics card currently has a fan.

What’s the smallest case available for an ASUS AMD Socket A motherboard?

Or is it easier just to buy a new silent pc box…hmm.

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