Google Presentations Finally Arrives!

Google finally adds the powerpoint style presentation app into it’s Google docs range. I tried Google spreadsheet awhile back and it was a bit flaky and no where near good enough for what the business world requires of a spreadsheet.

But presentations and the ability to have it out in the cloud, no more USB keys with presentations on sounds interesting. The only business question here is the security aspect of having potential sensitive data stored outside of your companies firewalls. [via]

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ADSL Speed Panic over

Yesterday the new PC arrived see below, but the ADSL connection was very slow. I panicked and thought it might be Vista and our ADSL router not playing nicely. Part of me looked forward to tweaking MTU sizes and playing with the networking settings.

But luckily this morning our Orange broadband is back to it’s normal self, as you can see from the speed test above. I had wondered if it was the Students who are returning to university here in Chester hammering the local exchange and our pipe out to the backbone.

So our new Vista home premium system with 2gb of Ram is running like a dream right now. I had to delete some of the demoware from it but that didn’t take too long.

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Opera Mobile on the N95

I’ve totally swapped over the browser on my N95 to the Opera browser as the keyboard short cuts work which makes Google reader mobile a much quicker tool. I hate going back to the built in browser and find the back process on the default browser too slow, just take me back.

The other great feature is the #0 shortcut which brings up a sliding zoom scale, zoom from 90% up to 120% to see those smaller pages and then zoom back to 90% to see more twitters on the same screen, fantastic.

There are lot’s of other shortcuts #2 for bookmarks to jump some place else and #* to make the browser full screen.

So if you’re fed up with the default browser or want to have the keyboard shortcuts working then give the Opera browser a whirl and I’m looking forward Opera 9.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Opera browser by Opera to replace the version I’d had for free on my Nokia N70.

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The last days of the N800

I sent the Nokia N800 back last Friday and I’m missing it already. I’m seriously considering buying one. I’m missing the casual surfing and listening to my music via orb and the N800’s wireless network.

I took some pictures of the device as I was packing it up;

The above shot was taken whilst checking the traffic at Warwick services at about 8.30am

The N800 and it’s furry case and stylus

The camera extended and my work phone for size checking

The handing stand

my forehead and interesting white(?) case not very apple-esque

The box and associated leads and manuals

The box again pretty deal not in the same league as a Mr Ive production.

My N95 box is exactly the same size as the N800 box as you can see here.

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it’s the new Dell!

You might remember my post about Dell not updating me as a customer with why my PC was reportedly delayed.

At first, I got an email stating that due to demand my delivery date has shifted to the middle of October. Then I got a call saying that my PC would be delivered today.  This was a little confusing as I’d believed the email and when I questioned the person on the phone they said "nope it’ll be with you Monday".

So imagine my joy when there was a knock on the door at 8.30am and a business post guy hands me two large boxes with Dell written on them. So during a lunch break I whipped them out of the box and onto the desk.

Then out of the blue I received the following email;

My name is Debbie and I’m with Dell Headquarters in Texas.  I read your post and am sorry to hear about your order shipment delay.  If you would like me to check on your system, feel free to email me your Dell order number.  I am happy to help. 

Thank you,

Dell Customer Advocate

to which I responded;

Hi Debbie,
It turned up today!
over the moon so far!
Thanks for the email..glad you read the blogs of your customers..I will write up that the device turned up today and it’s great and that you contacted me
big happy customer!!

So we’re happy Dell customers and very pleased that Dell (and Debbie) reads my blog. I feeling a little happier now with the Dell experience, takeaway the miscommunication of that email and it would have been a flawless experience.

So Debbie if you’re reading this thanks to you and Dell.

PS my second Dell device a brand new 630 laptop turns up soon so I’ll have two Dell devices!

European iPhone doesn’t have 3G

Techcrunch has the story of the iPhone to be launched on Orange in France on Nov 29th. The posts stats that it won’t have 3G either.

We just covered the news on TechCrunch France. The iPhone will be launched in France with Orange at the price of 300 euros. It will be on the market the 29th of November and announced on the 24th of September during the Apple Expo in Paris. There won’t be any unlimited data plan and against all rumours it won’t have 3G capabilities. Here is a first picture of the iPhone provided by Orange with a French menu (operated in roaming mode though). Crunchgear has more

There’s a rather fuzzy picture too. [via]

O2 wins Apple iPhone deal – at a hefty price

Mobile operator O2 is preparing to unveil Apple’s much anticipated iPhone in the UK tomorrow. But serious questions are being raised in the City about how much ground it has had to give away to Apple in order to clinch the deal.

The UK’s largest mobile operator came from behind at the last minute to seal an agreement with Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, to market the iPhone in the UK, but one other operator described the deal as “madly money-losing”.

O2 is understood to have agreed a margin on the retail price – to be confirmed tomorrow – but will return to Apple as much as 40% of any revenues it makes from customers’ use of the device.

Looks like the rumors it’s O2 in the UK were right. But that looks like a risky deal now as the post says, the iTouch is on it’s way and sharing 40% of all revenue demonstrates Apple’s strength.

I still think it’ll sell by the truck load as it’s the most interesting fashion accessory phone out there right now. But the more savvy buyers may just stay away.

There’s no mention of whether the contract is 24 months as the AT&T contract is in the US. Contracts in the UK tend to be either 12 or 18months.

The post also indicates that the device is Edge;

O2 will also have to spend a considerable amount of money installing the Edge technology which the iPhone needs to operate on its network, in the run-up to the device’s launch this year.

A lot of people where under the impression that it was going to be a 3G device. A pal of mine who’s thinking of getting one stated 3g was a must. This could also impact sales from the more connected users, who would see moving to Edge as a downgrade from 3G and 3.5G handsets such as the N95. [via]

N95 Battery charger

I picked up a battery charger for my spare N95 battery off eBay for the grand sum of £1. I had the problem of once I’d swapped out a dead battery from the N95 that it would remain dead until that night when it could be swapped back in and recharged. Now I have ready charged batteries all the time which is great.

life stream move going going badly so far

I’ve moved the entire life stream to tumblr (follow the life stream link at the top of the page. So far it’s not all rosy, the links keep coming up with errors and the posts look a mess.

my login to twitterfeed is bust and I can’t see my feeds going into twitter to turn them off. So this is a test post too to see if they are still there and that I’ve somehow logged in wrong which is bizzare considering I logged in with the same one and only openID I’ve been using.

Might learn from this experience, but intend to give it a little more time