France Telecom the world’s first major telco to support OpenID.

Orange SA, a subsidiary of France Telecom, announced today at the Digital ID World conference in San Francisco that France Telecom will act as an OpenID server-agent. That means the company will verify the identities of their 40 million users immediately, without the need for another account to be created, for any other site on the web that supports OpenID.

This according to Six Apart’s David Recordon who blogged and Twittered excitedly from the event. Recordan, an expert in emerging identity issues, says that the move makes France Telecom the world’s first major telco to support OpenID.

This is great news, as an employee of the FT Group and I’m pleased that FT has been so forward thinking here. [via]

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VeriSign PIP and Seatbelt

Fedex delivered my VeriSign security fob this morning so I registered it against my OpenID. I know have a second identification request when I log into my OpenID. So somebody may brute force my password but then they’ve got to guess the six digit number sequence correctly.

However, I still can’t bind it to my PayPal ID, it looks like I’ll have to wait for PayPal to roll out the fob’s in the UK.

Having bound the fob to my VeriSign ID I installed seatbelt too. SeatBelt is a Firefox plug-in that helps you;

SeatBelt is a Firefox plug-in that assists you when signing in to OpenID sites with your PIP URL. Typically, if you are not signed into your PIP account when you access a sign in page using OpenID, you need to access your PIP account and sign in. Since you must do this within the same browser window, you have to navigate away from the page you wish to sign in to.

SeatBelt detects that you have clicked on an OpenID sign in field while not signed into your PIP account and prompts you to sign in. Once you have signed in, SeatBelt automatically returns you to the OpenID sign in page with your PIP URL filled in. The sign in session continues as normal.


So if you’re looking for an OpenID, and you should, then VeriSign’s PIP and seatbelt provides an integrated solution.

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another Jaiku S60 beta released

The guys over at Jaiku have released a new beta version of the S60 client for Jaiku;

The main feature of this upcoming release are photos that are shown in streams. Other changes are bug fixes to connectivity.

We have also enabled WiFi access points in settings.

The WiFi part is cool, but I know what impact it’ll have on my N95 battery.

Twitter updates badge is rubbish.

The twitter apps badge (over there on the left) has broken again. It’s constantly breaking and slows down the loading of the whole page while the updates are attempted to be dragged kicking and screaming from twitter’s nest.

I don’t know what’s up with twitter, maybe it’s run on a super tight budget or something, but it’s so much more unstable that Jaiku.

Oi..twitter people ..fix it!

Facebook in the Enterprise; a test

As JP continues his Facebook in there Enterprise, he’s on part 8 now, I thought I’d do a small test of how useful Facebook can be within an Enterprise. The problem I had was that I was trying to find who looked after web hosting within Orange. My contacts within the sourcing team didn’t know and having only been with Orange for two months, my own contacts, which are slowly growing, didn’t know either.

So I turned to Facebook and the Orange network on it. I wrote a simple message on the Orange network page asking if anyone knew who ran web hosting. Within a few days I got two responses letting me know of people within Orange that were involved in hosting.

I didn’t test any of the more advanced features or need to know who was interested in what. The test showed that a Facebook style application could provide benefit to an organisation as a way of contacting a wider group of people with the similar interest, a really simple test.

There aren’t any tools like this in the enterprise right now, using email would have meant email bombing every employee, forums are pretty niche in their subjects, and even blogging still hasn’t become ‘mainstream’ within the Enterprise. I wonder how long it takes Facebook to license the software for Enterprises smart enough to realize the benefit’s of Facebook within a distributed knowledge management environment.

No PayPal key fob for the UK, not yet anyway.

PayPal has launched the PayPal key fob in the US to add an extra layer of security to the whole PayPal process. Uses will have to enter a unique code as well as their password when they log into PayPal.

But the news is there are still no plans to roll the key fob out in the UK yet.

What sparked my interest was the news on TWIT’s Security show was that you could use the PayPal key fob with the VeriSign PIP OpenID to provide an extra layer of security to that too.

So I search the UK PayPal web sites for a link, but nothing showed up so I emailed them and this is the response I got back;

Dear Rob Evans,

Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to the security key for your PayPal account.  

We understand that this may increase the security of PayPal accounts world wide, however we are rolling this process country by country.  We are now testing this process within America, hopefully this will be a successful process and then we will strive to process it with in the UK.

The PayPal Security Key is a pocket-sized device that generates a unique access code for your account every 30 seconds.  You use that code to access your account and to help prevent people you don’t know from doing the same.  It’s like a combination lock for your account, except the combination always changes.

Unfortunately Mr. Evans we do not have a specific timeframe for this
however we will keep you updated.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Resolution Services Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

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