VeriSign are sending me a fob.

Following my earlier post on the PayPal fob, VeriSign are sending me a VeriSign fob which I can attach to my PIP OpenID and also my PayPal account too.

Two things.. it’s great VeriSign are reading blog posts and I can’t wait to be able to wrap my OpenID and PayPal accounts up in a greater level of security…Thanks Gary!

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Twitter updates badge is rubbish.

The twitter apps badge (over there on the left) has broken again. It’s constantly breaking and slows down the loading of the whole page while the updates are attempted to be dragged kicking and screaming from twitter’s nest.

I don’t know what’s up with twitter, maybe it’s run on a super tight budget or something, but it’s so much more unstable that Jaiku.

Oi..twitter people ..fix it!

Facebook in the Enterprise; a test

As JP continues his Facebook in there Enterprise, he’s on part 8 now, I thought I’d do a small test of how useful Facebook can be within an Enterprise. The problem I had was that I was trying to find who looked after web hosting within Orange. My contacts within the sourcing team didn’t know and having only been with Orange for two months, my own contacts, which are slowly growing, didn’t know either.

So I turned to Facebook and the Orange network on it. I wrote a simple message on the Orange network page asking if anyone knew who ran web hosting. Within a few days I got two responses letting me know of people within Orange that were involved in hosting.

I didn’t test any of the more advanced features or need to know who was interested in what. The test showed that a Facebook style application could provide benefit to an organisation as a way of contacting a wider group of people with the similar interest, a really simple test.

There aren’t any tools like this in the enterprise right now, using email would have meant email bombing every employee, forums are pretty niche in their subjects, and even blogging still hasn’t become ‘mainstream’ within the Enterprise. I wonder how long it takes Facebook to license the software for Enterprises smart enough to realize the benefit’s of Facebook within a distributed knowledge management environment.

No PayPal key fob for the UK, not yet anyway.

PayPal has launched the PayPal key fob in the US to add an extra layer of security to the whole PayPal process. Uses will have to enter a unique code as well as their password when they log into PayPal.

But the news is there are still no plans to roll the key fob out in the UK yet.

What sparked my interest was the news on TWIT’s Security show was that you could use the PayPal key fob with the VeriSign PIP OpenID to provide an extra layer of security to that too.

So I search the UK PayPal web sites for a link, but nothing showed up so I emailed them and this is the response I got back;

Dear Rob Evans,

Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to the security key for your PayPal account.  

We understand that this may increase the security of PayPal accounts world wide, however we are rolling this process country by country.  We are now testing this process within America, hopefully this will be a successful process and then we will strive to process it with in the UK.

The PayPal Security Key is a pocket-sized device that generates a unique access code for your account every 30 seconds.  You use that code to access your account and to help prevent people you don’t know from doing the same.  It’s like a combination lock for your account, except the combination always changes.

Unfortunately Mr. Evans we do not have a specific timeframe for this
however we will keep you updated.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Resolution Services Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

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MNOs – Smart Pipe, Dumb Pipe, You Decide

This is an old post I starred in Google reader to comment on when I got the chance. The person who wrote the post liked the dump pipe. Of course the shareholders of the pipes would love that, I don’t think.

My choice would be the smart pipe, leveraging the technology and the connectivity to open up new markets and new uses for the technology, let’s grow the size of the pie rather than fight to retain a piece of a small pie.

it’s going to get very interesting, for example, Nokia’s Ove will have the carries worried about their revenue from their own music stores. It’s a bit like Panasonic making a TV and then moving into the TV business to get a share of the TV ad revenue being shown on their TV (bad analogue, I know). But then that’s what Sony does, produce content, both games and films as content to be shown and played on their devices, Nokia is doing nothing new.

I need to think this through a little more as to which strategy is a win win, for both the people that poured all that money into building the networks and the users. So I’d love to hear your comments…

Windows Vista; first thoughts..

As I posted a few days back our new home PC turned up so I thought I’d expand a little on what it is and our first impressions. I say our first impressions as the wife and our four year old daughter use it too, nothing too technical you can find loads of much much more details reviews of vista if you search Google.

It’s a pretty common Intel box, with 2gb of ram and a 320gb hd, 256mb graphics card and a 22inch monitor all for a very reasonable price too. It’s got vista home premium on it and it’s going to stay I had thought of dual booting with ubuntu but I can’t see any point.

The interface is nice, it takes a little getting used to but so far so good. All of our hardware has worked first time, our cannon printer didn’t even need it’s drivers installing of the cd. I think the biggest difference over the old machine is the speed the hd as a 16mb cache so the pick up is quick, the ram makes a difference but I haven’t thrown anything at it that will test it. And it’s almost silent, that’s a huge difference over the old box which sounded like it was about to take off at any moment.

The wife think’s it nice, all her files have been moved across and Google browser sync moved all her bookmarks and cookies over into firefox. Our eldest daughter who uses the BBC’s cebbebies web site thinks it’s cool too (and only that web site)

The old box is going to be turned into some sort of server but not sure whether it’ll be a ubuntu and samba box or remain an xp box. I heard that you might be able to buy Windows home server which sounds cool as software only as well as a hardware. If that’s the case I might pick up a copy and install it on that. It’s got just short of 200gb of hd space in it and I’ve got a 400gb external hd, so 600gb should be ok for backing up the 300gb’s on the new home device. I might buy another $100gb hd just to crack the 1tb mark of home storage.

The interesting thing about home server for me is it’s ability to manage data backups over the storage devices that are connected to it. So in our case it’d back it up to it’s internal hd and a copy on the external hd and manage that.

Ok that’s enough rambling about our new pc, the biggest difference of all though is the screen, 22 inches of real estate is great, why didn’t I get this before? moving back to my 14inch hp laptop though is tough, it feels just a little cramped, just a little.

Apple’s UK iPhone launch event

engadget covers the UK lanuch of the iPhone on O2.

They’ve basically brought the iPhone straight over from the US, there’s no modification to it. O2’s edge network is only 30%, that’s a kicker, so it’s down to GPRS then when you’re outside of that coverage.

This is a great product, but the technology in it is old. Europe has moved on to 3G and 3.5G networks and this device in terms of technology is about two years behind. The interface is light years ahead but it’s a real shame about the overall package.

I can only see that there will be a road map of devices already laid out to hook people into upgrading and swapping out working devices for the latest and greatest. It’ll be the same strategy that has worked so well for the iPod, generation after generation with people buying two or more of them.

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Instant web site – jotit

I first saw this via Dave Winer and then Lifehacker. It’s very interesting and is almost a disposable post-it note on the web. There’s been a few times when I’ve had a need to post some data that’s just needed for one thing, passing a note to someone over the phone for example and using my blog or twitter or a wiki is just to much or too complicated for that instant. Therefore a simple jotit page may well be the answer. I’ve book marked the site and we’ll see how often it get’s used, but I think it’s a good little tool to have in your web kit bag.

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