Jajah buttons

Phoneboy picks up on the launch of the Jajah buttons [via].

Jajah has launched their new click-to-call buttons. It’s very similar to many other similar services. Person clicks on a button on your site, enters their phone number into a web form, and you’re connected. As the button owner, you’re charged normal Jajah rates for the call, which if the person is a Jajah member, can be free!

I have a Jajah account and have set my wife up with an account too, that way I can take advantage for the free calls between Jajah uses whilst I’m on my travels. There are upsides and downsides to Jajah, it’s free, but you have to change your dialing habits and plan in advance that you’re going to make a Jajah call. You have to fire up a web browser, log in and then click the person you want to call. This process could be costly from your mobile if you’re roaming.

Roaming data rates can be pretty steep so even the downloading of a small page and potentially remaining contacted during a 5 min call may canceled out the money saved on the phone call.

I prefer Jajah over Skype for calls out from the PC, as it involves picking up a traditional handset after the call is initiated. I also think the call quality is better than Skype out calls.

So thumbs up for Jajah then.

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