No PayPal key fob for the UK, not yet anyway.

PayPal has launched the PayPal key fob in the US to add an extra layer of security to the whole PayPal process. Uses will have to enter a unique code as well as their password when they log into PayPal.

But the news is there are still no plans to roll the key fob out in the UK yet.

What sparked my interest was the news on TWIT’s Security show was that you could use the PayPal key fob with the VeriSign PIP OpenID to provide an extra layer of security to that too.

So I search the UK PayPal web sites for a link, but nothing showed up so I emailed them and this is the response I got back;

Dear Rob Evans,

Thank you for contacting PayPal in relation to the security key for your PayPal account.  

We understand that this may increase the security of PayPal accounts world wide, however we are rolling this process country by country.  We are now testing this process within America, hopefully this will be a successful process and then we will strive to process it with in the UK.

The PayPal Security Key is a pocket-sized device that generates a unique access code for your account every 30 seconds.  You use that code to access your account and to help prevent people you don’t know from doing the same.  It’s like a combination lock for your account, except the combination always changes.

Unfortunately Mr. Evans we do not have a specific timeframe for this
however we will keep you updated.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Resolution Services Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

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One thought on “No PayPal key fob for the UK, not yet anyway.

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