Windows Vista; first thoughts..

As I posted a few days back our new home PC turned up so I thought I’d expand a little on what it is and our first impressions. I say our first impressions as the wife and our four year old daughter use it too, nothing too technical you can find loads of much much more details reviews of vista if you search Google.

It’s a pretty common Intel box, with 2gb of ram and a 320gb hd, 256mb graphics card and a 22inch monitor all for a very reasonable price too. It’s got vista home premium on it and it’s going to stay I had thought of dual booting with ubuntu but I can’t see any point.

The interface is nice, it takes a little getting used to but so far so good. All of our hardware has worked first time, our cannon printer didn’t even need it’s drivers installing of the cd. I think the biggest difference over the old machine is the speed the hd as a 16mb cache so the pick up is quick, the ram makes a difference but I haven’t thrown anything at it that will test it. And it’s almost silent, that’s a huge difference over the old box which sounded like it was about to take off at any moment.

The wife think’s it nice, all her files have been moved across and Google browser sync moved all her bookmarks and cookies over into firefox. Our eldest daughter who uses the BBC’s cebbebies web site thinks it’s cool too (and only that web site)

The old box is going to be turned into some sort of server but not sure whether it’ll be a ubuntu and samba box or remain an xp box. I heard that you might be able to buy Windows home server which sounds cool as software only as well as a hardware. If that’s the case I might pick up a copy and install it on that. It’s got just short of 200gb of hd space in it and I’ve got a 400gb external hd, so 600gb should be ok for backing up the 300gb’s on the new home device. I might buy another $100gb hd just to crack the 1tb mark of home storage.

The interesting thing about home server for me is it’s ability to manage data backups over the storage devices that are connected to it. So in our case it’d back it up to it’s internal hd and a copy on the external hd and manage that.

Ok that’s enough rambling about our new pc, the biggest difference of all though is the screen, 22 inches of real estate is great, why didn’t I get this before? moving back to my 14inch hp laptop though is tough, it feels just a little cramped, just a little.

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