MNOs – Smart Pipe, Dumb Pipe, You Decide

This is an old post I starred in Google reader to comment on when I got the chance. The person who wrote the post liked the dump pipe. Of course the shareholders of the pipes would love that, I don’t think.

My choice would be the smart pipe, leveraging the technology and the connectivity to open up new markets and new uses for the technology, let’s grow the size of the pie rather than fight to retain a piece of a small pie.

it’s going to get very interesting, for example, Nokia’s Ove will have the carries worried about their revenue from their own music stores. It’s a bit like Panasonic making a TV and then moving into the TV business to get a share of the TV ad revenue being shown on their TV (bad analogue, I know). But then that’s what Sony does, produce content, both games and films as content to be shown and played on their devices, Nokia is doing nothing new.

I need to think this through a little more as to which strategy is a win win, for both the people that poured all that money into building the networks and the users. So I’d love to hear your comments…

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