Opera Mobile on the N95

I’ve totally swapped over the browser on my N95 to the Opera browser as the keyboard short cuts work which makes Google reader mobile a much quicker tool. I hate going back to the built in browser and find the back process on the default browser too slow, just take me back.

The other great feature is the #0 shortcut which brings up a sliding zoom scale, zoom from 90% up to 120% to see those smaller pages and then zoom back to 90% to see more twitters on the same screen, fantastic.

There are lot’s of other shortcuts #2 for bookmarks to jump some place else and #* to make the browser full screen.

So if you’re fed up with the default browser or want to have the keyboard shortcuts working then give the Opera browser a whirl and I’m looking forward Opera 9.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Opera browser by Opera to replace the version I’d had for free on my Nokia N70.

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