it’s the new Dell!

You might remember my post about Dell not updating me as a customer with why my PC was reportedly delayed.

At first, I got an email stating that due to demand my delivery date has shifted to the middle of October. Then I got a call saying that my PC would be delivered today.  This was a little confusing as I’d believed the email and when I questioned the person on the phone they said "nope it’ll be with you Monday".

So imagine my joy when there was a knock on the door at 8.30am and a business post guy hands me two large boxes with Dell written on them. So during a lunch break I whipped them out of the box and onto the desk.

Then out of the blue I received the following email;

My name is Debbie and I’m with Dell Headquarters in Texas.  I read your post and am sorry to hear about your order shipment delay.  If you would like me to check on your system, feel free to email me your Dell order number.  I am happy to help. 

Thank you,

Dell Customer Advocate

to which I responded;

Hi Debbie,
It turned up today!
over the moon so far!
Thanks for the email..glad you read the blogs of your customers..I will write up that the device turned up today and it’s great and that you contacted me
big happy customer!!

So we’re happy Dell customers and very pleased that Dell (and Debbie) reads my blog. I feeling a little happier now with the Dell experience, takeaway the miscommunication of that email and it would have been a flawless experience.

So Debbie if you’re reading this thanks to you and Dell.

PS my second Dell device a brand new 630 laptop turns up soon so I’ll have two Dell devices!

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