new Dell or still the old Dell?

I’ve read a lot recently and even listened in podcasts about how Dell is trying real hard to do the right thing. Taking this news as positive, I ordered a new PC via Dell, lots of ram, big HD, and big screen. The ordering process was good lot’s of chances to change or upgrade stuff.

You then get a link to a order status page and this is where it appears to be going wrong for me. I ordered 31st of August and was given by the Dell order status page a delivery date of on or before the 17th of September. I was over the moon at this and this set a great expectation of Dell.

However, my order is still in Pre-production. There is no way they are going to make it and ship it to me before next Monday, ie. in one week. So I’m staring at a customer experience fiasco.

There’s no other update or revised due date, no standard email saying, we know your order has been in pre-production for like two weeks and we’re working on it, nothing. We’ll see if they respond to this in the comments or send me an email as the date passes.

Or I’m going to be totally amazed when the boxes turn up on Monday as there was a glitch in the update web site..I sure hope so.

One thought on “new Dell or still the old Dell?

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