my approach to personal scalability

Chris Brogan has another great post on social networks and how he manages his time with them. I thought I’d spent just a few moments on how I manage my time.

I use a version of GTD to get stuff done and plan each day with a quick view of what my MLO tracking sheet and then create the plan for the day based on what needs to be done, what could be done against the hard landscape of the day and then lists of what items are with which people I need to speak to during the day. I usually try to plan that the night before, but it can be done in about ten minutes in the morning.

This then sets the tone as to how much me time there is in the day, can I take a water cooler moment with a coffee and catch up with Twitter/jaiku if a call ends early or is it nose to the grind stone non-stop to get through the list that needs doing.

Work comes first and getting what needs to happen done is the priority, so my usual pattern is either very early in the morning, lunch time and then after work and into the evening. But work sometimes eats into those hours to which is fine and the usage scales accordingly.

What I’m trying to say is that social networking scales up and down and fills the cracks in the day when there isn’t something that has a higher priority to be done. So it’s easy, get the stuff done you’re being paid to do first and then figure out how social networks can help you learn more and become better at what you do.

The other tip is be ruthless about removing contacts that you don’t feel give you something, you don’t read everything in a newspaper do you, so there’s no need to read every tweet. The secret is to find the ways so that the right information comes to you.

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