Blognation goes a little too hard on VW

Blognation wrote a post entitled Lose Customer Trust in One Easy Step: Volkswagen Demonstrates here

I don’t think that they made it clear what the actual problem was and just sensationalized the story by saying it was VW, when it wasn’t, it was his local dealership.

Anyway I left them the following comment trying to explain where I think they went wrong. I have to disclose I have no relationship with VW whatsoever but have had several VW’s and have just ordered my fourth.


I think you’re being a little unfair to VW here. You didn’t deal with VW you dealt with a channel, in this case a bricks and mortar dealer, who just says “it’s volkswagen here” to make it easier for customers.

Your problem should be with the dealership and not VW themselves. You’ve not thought this through. VW did not ignore your request, The VW dealer in santa monica or it’s parent company LAcarGuy ignored it and you should say that.

Are you going to say I hate Microsoft, if you buy a Dell PC with their demoware on it? No you’d say I hate Dell

Volkswagen didn’t ignore your request LAcarGuy did and you should take it up with them. Nobody would read your post if you said I hate LAcarGuy, but if you say I hate Volkswagen you get a bigger audience, so we know why you did it.

Anyway, don’t give up on VW because a dealer sucks, hit them where it hurts and move to another, but tell them why first.

I thought this post was topical because Chris Brogan had posted about his love for the Saturn another car and how big companies should use social networking. I think there’s enough there for another post on that subject..we should have facebook style directories within enterprises for sure.

3 thoughts on “Blognation goes a little too hard on VW

  1. This is exactly the kind of blog advocacy that I think should be happening out there for the big guys. You did a great job of explaining the differences in your comment.

    It’s funny, because I also realized that VW proper probably couldn’t make that response. Think about it: it’d come off like crapping on their distributor. So in a way, you’ve uncovered a 3rd service: fan-sourced help. Think about it: YOU can address this but VW cannot. I mean, not without looking bad.


  2. Rob, I replied to your comment on my blog but thought I should do so here (albeit with more brevity).

    Perhaps I am being hard on Volkswagen but I do wish to correct your position regarding my reasons for directing my commentary at VW.

    I DID NOT go to the site of a local vw dealer. I went directly to the Volkswagen of America site located at

    There is in fact no mention of a specific dealership until you’re deep into the process by which time you have already provided your personal information.

    Beyond that, as I said on my other response to you the fact that the principal domestic VW site is the source of the referral puts the onus on them to enforce their policies.

    If I recommend someone as trustworthy to be a housekeeper and on my authority you hire them and they rip you off, it might not expressly be my fault but I’ll bet you wouldn’t be too happy with me and you probably wouldn’t ask for (or take) any further recommendations from me.

    So why should a company be exempt from a standard to which we hold ourselves?

    I realize that you like VWs. I do too. Enough that I was truly intending to get another one in the near future.

    The interesting thing is that as a result of this experience I learned something else (besides that VW doesn’t handle your information well) and it’s this:

    Did you know that Volkswagen makes vehicles that are such significant polluters that the parent company of VW, Daimler/Chrysler, which also apparently owns Bentley and a few other car companies manufactures a full 33% of the worst polluting vehicles in production at this time?

    Maybe I wasn’t tough enough on them after all….


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