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If you’re reading this then all is well and you’ve followed the domain move over.

If you’re noticed this is a parked domain on top another domain. I’m not happy with this setup and it will change very soon.

The current setup means that old RSS links read prior to today won’t work so please refresh your RSS feed to make sure it’s all OK.  It’s a small problem but it means that permalinks in aren’t working either…gulp.

So expect further changes very soon as I adjust the domains…thanks

UPDATE: I think we’re done..let me know  if there are any mistakes!

Nokia N800

I’ve started either adding N800 stories to my linkblog or just starring them via Google reader so I can come back and check them at a later date.

If you missed my earlier post I’m getting a Nokia N800 early next week from the WOM programme.

I’m looking forward to it and I’ve had a few comments letting me know it’s a great device.

I’ve got a PSP which has wireless networking and all my fav sites loaded up but haven’t been that keen to use it as the keyboard is shocking. So, I’m looking forward to using the N800 as it’s keyboard is much more useable.

I’m also thinking of picking up a Nokia bluetooth keyboard and giving the N800 a try as a mobile solution, so I thinking how to get my hands on one, borrow or buy.

The only downside of the Nokia keyboard is that it needs to be used on a flat surface, but surely the mobility outweighs that small issue.

I just checked out how much the N800 costs on expansys, 275ukp that’s a bargain compared with the umpc’s surely?
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My Brother picks the N95

My middle brother, I have two, picked up an N95 a few days back to replace hi SE P990i. I’m pleased he’s gone with a Nokia Nseries device running S60. The only downside he’s gone and got an Orange one, so I’ll be talking him through the process of de-branding his N95 to a V12 version soon.

A Nokia N800 on it’s way to Chester

A few days back a submitted an application to join the WOMWorld Nokia NSeries programme. Well today, an email came through that indicated that I’d get a choice of a N76 and the N800 to test for two weeks. I went with the N800 as it’s a completly different type of device. Mark indicated via twitter that I’d made the right choice as the N800 was a glimpse of the future. Jonathan over at atmaspheric endeavors also suggested that I’d like it as it’s a great device.

So it’s just a case of waiting now till Monday and the device turning up via the courier. I’m looking forward to it and living with it for a fortnight. So check back next week for what I expect will be the unboxing event of the day or maybe just the hour.

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N95 and my growing link blog

I’m using my pc less and less for casual browsing and reading, the N95’s landscape mode and various web sites mobile friendly sites, Google reader, gmail, facebook etc, is a great and easy way of catching up anyplace and at anytime.

As a result, my link blog has been benefiting from some attention of late, the Google reader allows one click adding to the link blog, so if you’re interested in reading the stories that have interested me, then take a look at my link blog here.

N73 up for Sale

I’ve put my N73 up for sale on eBay, it’s running the latest vanilla firmware and will be missed. It’s a great device and there really isn’t a lot in it between the n73 and the n95 in terms of day to day functionality.

So if you’re after a well loved N73 running the latest Nokia firmware, it’s locked to Orange mind, then take a trip over to eBay here

Internet groups warn BBC over iPlayer plans

I don’t even know where to start on this one. I’ve always thought that the more cool things on the web the more people will want to buy broadband and pay for more and more bandwidth.

There’s obviously an issue here that the ISP’s are seriously concerned about in the short term.

But I my experience I don’t know what they are worrying about I couldn’t get the beta of iPlayer to work! [via]

Syncing Lotus Notes with Google calendar

After carrying out a social search on Jaiku I found this post. It’s a manual way of exporting either single or groups of appointments between Google and Notes.

Upside is it’s free and you have greater control on what get’s sync’d and in which direction. I have some horror stories of syncing notes in the past so this suits me fine for now.