Orange threatens to spoil Nokia’s online music entertainment party

Orange has threatened to spoil Nokia’s high-profile launch of its new music download service this week after warning that it will refuse to offer its flagship music handset to its 16 million customers in the UK unless the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer agrees to work with the operator to ensure that customer experience is paramount.

oh, not good, my view is that the carrier have to protect their own investments and projects. I don’t know anything else about this story so can’t really comment any further. I haven’t even read any of the other comments on this story yet. [via]

Something wrong with home PC

Our home PC is getting a bit long in the tooth and maybe it’s time to replace it. I’m sure I’ll ge the email “get a mac” but not sure which way to jump.

The PC starts making a strange noise and then pop it just goes off and you lose everything, which isn’t great. The other point that is helping us make the decision is that it’s pretty loud when it’s on, the fans make a ton of noise. I replaced the fan’s and power supplies a couple of years back (and the hard drive and more RAM) but I must have done a rubbish job as it’s still way to loud.

How do I know it’s load, we’ll I’m writing this on the ubuntu development box for my wiki and I can’t hear it at all, so I think it’s about time to bite the bullet.

So anything to watch out for or any recommendations?

thoughts on conversations with the manufacturer

Having recently taken part in the beta testing of the new S60 Jaiku client I’d realised how easy it was for us, the beta testers to have a conversation with the developers or manufacturer of that product.

They read your emails, they respond to posts on the group hub and also read your jaiku’s too. They have built a real community of users and have a transparent conversation with those users.

The reason I’d be thinking about this was, I have a few Ralph Lauren polo shirts I wear knocking around the house. Now the label on the inside some times rubs and scratches, nothing huge just a a little irritating. Well in my beta tester mode I immediately thought I’d strike up a conversation with them and let them know how they could improve (in my view) their product, but where?

I just don’t know where to start with companies who haven’t embraced or understood the power of the open or naked as Scoble calls them, conversations. Sure RL has a form that you can fill out, but there’s no blog and certainly no twittering (or jaikuing for that matter) from them.

I’ve filled the form out so we’ll see what response I get from them and I’ll post what they say. But it’s time that every company that cares about it’s users has some form of communicating easily with us.

It’s a bit of a one way street right now, we’re being advertised at by these manufacturers, they are reading what we like and don’t, so that we can be targeted at with products that they want to sell us.

Where can we have the conversation with them on what we want and how we want them to improve their stuff?

nokia n800 day 4

OK, blogging via the n800 again today and typing geting still quicker, which is good.

The battery is finally throwing up low battery warnings, which is great news, thats 4 days of being on all the time.

checking emails via the client is turning out to be a painful experience, which is a shame. Something more push focused would be better as the battery can cope for sure. but not sure if activesync works via wifi for some reason.

anyway it’s friday night so keeping it short. I wish we had a weekend away so i could test this as the sole device, as at the mo i keep going back to the pc to find stuff out, thereby not testing this (maybe) to it’s full potential.

Enterprise wiki update

I’ve not collected the PC from the tech team which I intend to turn into the server. I’m having the debate as to go LAMP or WAMP.

LAMP is the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP route with Ubuntu server edition or to got the WAMP, Windows, Apache etc. route.

I’ve got the security doc for Linux servers from David so I now know what the requirements for the build are, it shouldn’t be too onerous as it’s an internal and not external facing server.

I’m leaning towards LAMP as I think the performance will be better, but I’ll think about it more later.

I downloaded Ubuntu Server 6.06 LTS last night, the 450mb file took 8 minutes to download.

Nokia N800 day 2

I’m blogging on the n800 right now. I tried connecting to the open wifi network in the office today and it didn’t work, mind you i’d only previoysly been able to get it to work on my laptop and no other device.

there isn’t an wifi in the hotel so this is being down by a bluetooth connection to my n95.

Typing is better than i thought but the predictive text options that appear on the space bar are annoying, so need to fix that.

The device has had very little use today as i’ve been too busy. So day 2 over and I’m still enjoying the device it provides a much better web expierence than my n95 for sure but not as good as my laptop, which i guess the n800 looks to play.

i think that’s enough for today the typing speed gets better with practice for sure, day 3 tomorrow.

Nokia N800 Day 1

Life with the Nokia N800, Day 1. Out of the box the N800 required very little tweaking to setup.One thing I will need to mention to WOM is that it didn’t have the corrected charger in the box, which is no problem as it takes the same charger as the N95. The connectivity applet quickly found my wireless network and prompted me to enter the WPA key. This was the first test of usability, I entered the wrong key to see what loop it got into and see how easily it was to correct it.

The N800 kept just saying authentication error  and asked if I’d like to try again. It gave two options try again or cancel, no option to check settings. So it got caught in this loop, try again, fail, try again, ok cancel. To fix the incorrect WPA key I had to simply go into the control panel, connectivity and then edit the settings which took no time at all. So it was no easier or harder than other devices for setting up the wireless networking.

However, it doesn’t playing nicely with my Orange broadband router, it takes a while to load pages for the first time and sometimes just fails totally. I’m not the first to encounter problems with WPA protected networks infosync did too.  

However, when it did play nice it loaded quickly and even worked with ajax pages such as google calendar. I was able to log into gmail, reader all without problems and the browser was quick, showed a real PC style browsing experience, nothing cut down or sqweezered here.

Having had a play with the browser I had a look around within the menu structure to see what was there and the answer ,isn’t a great deal which is great. This is a device that focuses on connectivity and mobility i.e. getting online quickly and from anywhere.  There are a four games, chess was one of them, which was nice, I haven’t played chess since Uni so lost badly and very quickly.

The little demo applet on the home screen prompted me to try skype which I did. I required a download which took no time at all and was installed within seconds. Entering my password via the on-screen keyboard took no time and I was quickly online, I did a test call and it worked great.

The text entry system needs a little bit more practice, but I’d really like to try it with a bluetooth keyboard. I think I might bite the bullet and just order one from Expansys now as it’ll work with my N95 too. I think it’d provide a great mobile email and blogging solution with the keyboard.

The next thing I did was connect it via bluetooth to my N95. I have an unlimited data plan with my Orange contract (long story) so not worried about the data use. It connected first time and was exceptionally quick at loading pages, it appeared faster than my wireless network (the WPA key problem having an impact maybe?).  So I was well impressed with that method of getting connected, it was fast, easy and required very little setup.

So that was Day 1, tomorrow will be day 2, and these are some of the things I intend to try over the coming days, connecting to a public hotspot, making an international call via Skype, checking my email, a bit of blogging, tuning into my music and maybe watching an episode of Spooks via Orb. Now if you’d like me to try something out (within reason) then drop me an email; dr dot rob dot evans at gmail dot com. 

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Sourcing Wiki

I’ve now been with Orange Business Services for nearly 8 weeks and it’s been an exciting time, we’ve got some interesting projects and the organisation is taking some time to get to grips with as it does within any global Enterprise. However, I’m continuing to be impressed by our Senior VP, my bosses boss and his vision for the sourcing team.

What I’ve found so far is that within Orange, which has it’s roots in the telco world as opposed to the IT world like IBM, is a late arrival to the some of online collaborative working tools such as wiki’s and blog’s within an Enterprise. I think it’ll be a long time before a Facebook style directory will be embraced, much to JP’s disgust.

However, our SVP want’s to implement a wiki for the sourcing community within Orange. Being the new guy I didn’t volunteer straight away I waited a week or so and then dropped our SVP an email asking how he was getting on with the wiki and volunteering if he hadn’t found anyone.

From what I can tell nobody else had put their hand up, which is fair enough the team is made up of professional buyers and legal experts all exceptional at what they do.  So I’m at the stage of building a proof of concept within the Orange infrastructure and building a plan for hosting it and the associated budget to have it managed correctly,  no under the desk server this time.

I’m really excited by this as it’s some techie stuff that I get to play with and setup but will show that our sourcing team is progressive and embraces new tools to further improve the functioning of the Global sourcing team.

So I’ll let you know once the wiki is up and running with some of the pitfalls and tips that I experienced during the project of setting up a wiki within an Enterprise.

The Nokia N800 – day 0

The Nokia N800 turned up via the DHL courier yesterday, I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I will do soon. I’ve decided to write a post a day about living and using the N800 as oppossed to a straight forward review. A look into how the device performs day to day.

But before I start Day 1, here’s a few initial impressions.

Nokia boxes never inspire me the same way as Apple boxes do. Whenever you get an Apple product a lot of thought goes into the box as the initial experience of the device and brand. It’s not that the N800 box is bad, it’s the same as all the other Nokia boxes I’ve had, practical and that’s it.

It’s small, the N800 is smaller than I had imagined, it’s not as wide as my PSP for example. This has it’s advantages, it slides just great into my jeans back pocket and really makes it a mobile product.

The screen is crystal clear, I’ve never seen the Nokia touching hands logo in so much detail. The pictures on websites are there in all their glory, no blocky pics on this device, very impressive.

I haven’t checked if it’s running the latest version of the N800 firmware, but I’ve installed Skype so I’m assuming it is, but more on that later.

So day 1 use to follow in a few hours, but first impressions are of a good solid practical product.