twitter in your footer?

I’ve been reading and watching the various posts and videos on how twitter is the new email and thinking about how and when to use twitter in the corporate world. We have corporate IM and it’s great for instant one on one communications but it doesn’t give you the same ‘what am I doing’ capability that twitter gives and the article mentions.

Therefore, I’ve been thinking about when is the right time (or is there a right time?) to introduce twitter into your footer. So I was wondering have you introduced twitter into your corporate life yet?

I think it provides an extra dimension to the communication channels that you have with your coworkers and the points Scoble makes are clear and that a new communication revolution is on it’s way, but have you made the leap into it yet?

Nokia n800 days 5,6,7 and 8

I’ve been a little busy of late, we have some members of the family up to stay with us over the weekend and I’ve been down to Slough and back in a day, (385miles!)

However, I’ve had a chance to spend some more time with the n800 now and I’m still in between camps as to where the device fits. As a casual computing device it’s great, connectivity is easy and web browsing is a breeze and the screen quality is amazing.

Beyond that and I think you need to invest a little more money in a BT keyboard as the typing on screen is slow. I’d really like to try that out, but haven’t got around to either buying one or managing to secure a loan one to try out.

As the device runs’ linux, I have this feeling that the device is restricted to the number of the apps that are out there for it. I doubt there as many apps as there are for palm, s60 or the ms platforms. I don’t know why the device couldn’t run S60, maybe the same OS as the E90 maybe?

I also had the question, why couldn’t the device have a 3G sim card of it’s own? Mobile broadband via 3g and 3.5g for that matter has great coverage than wi-fi. The device may then get subsided and make it more affordable as an added benefit, which would result in much greater take up than a stand alone wireless device

As a result I’ve been checking out what apps are out there to see what functionality can be added to the n800. A quick google shows up the following thread on tablet talk and lists various apps. I’m also keen to see how easy it is to install apps compared with S60 devices.

So I’m going to give a few apps a try and see if that increases the payback the n800 gives to the time invested in it. I still haven’t been able to try out a proper skype call or try out a wireless hotspot, but I should get to that soon.

If you’ve got a great app on your n800 that you think I should try out send me a mail.

Orange threatens to spoil Nokia’s online music entertainment party

Orange has threatened to spoil Nokia’s high-profile launch of its new music download service this week after warning that it will refuse to offer its flagship music handset to its 16 million customers in the UK unless the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer agrees to work with the operator to ensure that customer experience is paramount.

oh, not good, my view is that the carrier have to protect their own investments and projects. I don’t know anything else about this story so can’t really comment any further. I haven’t even read any of the other comments on this story yet. [via]

Something wrong with home PC

Our home PC is getting a bit long in the tooth and maybe it’s time to replace it. I’m sure I’ll ge the email “get a mac” but not sure which way to jump.

The PC starts making a strange noise and then pop it just goes off and you lose everything, which isn’t great. The other point that is helping us make the decision is that it’s pretty loud when it’s on, the fans make a ton of noise. I replaced the fan’s and power supplies a couple of years back (and the hard drive and more RAM) but I must have done a rubbish job as it’s still way to loud.

How do I know it’s load, we’ll I’m writing this on the ubuntu development box for my wiki and I can’t hear it at all, so I think it’s about time to bite the bullet.

So anything to watch out for or any recommendations?

thoughts on conversations with the manufacturer

Having recently taken part in the beta testing of the new S60 Jaiku client I’d realised how easy it was for us, the beta testers to have a conversation with the developers or manufacturer of that product.

They read your emails, they respond to posts on the group hub and also read your jaiku’s too. They have built a real community of users and have a transparent conversation with those users.

The reason I’d be thinking about this was, I have a few Ralph Lauren polo shirts I wear knocking around the house. Now the label on the inside some times rubs and scratches, nothing huge just a a little irritating. Well in my beta tester mode I immediately thought I’d strike up a conversation with them and let them know how they could improve (in my view) their product, but where?

I just don’t know where to start with companies who haven’t embraced or understood the power of the open or naked as Scoble calls them, conversations. Sure RL has a form that you can fill out, but there’s no blog and certainly no twittering (or jaikuing for that matter) from them.

I’ve filled the form out so we’ll see what response I get from them and I’ll post what they say. But it’s time that every company that cares about it’s users has some form of communicating easily with us.

It’s a bit of a one way street right now, we’re being advertised at by these manufacturers, they are reading what we like and don’t, so that we can be targeted at with products that they want to sell us.

Where can we have the conversation with them on what we want and how we want them to improve their stuff?

nokia n800 day 4

OK, blogging via the n800 again today and typing geting still quicker, which is good.

The battery is finally throwing up low battery warnings, which is great news, thats 4 days of being on all the time.

checking emails via the client is turning out to be a painful experience, which is a shame. Something more push focused would be better as the battery can cope for sure. but not sure if activesync works via wifi for some reason.

anyway it’s friday night so keeping it short. I wish we had a weekend away so i could test this as the sole device, as at the mo i keep going back to the pc to find stuff out, thereby not testing this (maybe) to it’s full potential.