Major Enterprise Wiki update

I’ve found the official corporate wiki in Orange which is fantastic news. I’ve setup an ID and waiting for a trial page, but it’s great news as it’s hosted properly and supported correctly.

The wiki is supported by a full document management system which is getting a major upgrade real soon which is also wonderful news for me.

So I’ll be taking my test box back and handing it back in for stock (and a rebuild) I’m really pleased on two counts, one I was able to set up mediawiki and make it work and that there is an official wiki within Orange.

Getting mediawiki working has rekindled my interest in linux and I’m now considering whether I can switch over to ubuntu as our main home system. As I twittered before, it looks like only iTunes would make a dual boot necessary.

I’m set to talk with the Knowledge management guys next week when I’m next down in Slough and I’m looking forward to talking with them.

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